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What Child Is This?

Chanting surrounds the silence in the temple. Still the silence refuses to surrender. It hides. It finds holes. It squirms. It does not surrender.

The din closes ranks.

The silence finds shadow. Shadow has found a way to hide from the light, but not the noise. Together they maybe able to embrace. To hold each other in compassion.

The alliance begins, innocent at first. The silence begins to seduce the shadow. Shadow is weak. Shadow succumbs. A pregnant pause results.

A pregnant pause in the shadow.

What child? What child?

The child will not speak for it is not borne, cannot be held, cannot be heard even if it heard the silence in the shadow producing the pregnant pause of which the child is now the whole of it.

Sitting alone, not knowing how to cry. The lotus child sits, surrounded by, but untouched by the chants or the silence or the shadow.

RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M 3 Responses May 20, 2012

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Sounds like a story of my birth and life.....................................................What child? What child? A Child in life, that no one ever knew! Her life was forbidden, by everyone around her! So in her incarceration she died as a he................................How sad!<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee

Thanks Jamie, it seems you got a lot more out of this than was put in. I do see where you get it and am amazed with your response. Like silence, hidden amid the din, so is the death of people unknown. Sad indeed. Thanks.

I love this! Solidifying the intangible into solid form. And the child! The child! Enjoyed the imagery you convey with your words!!

Thanks, I enjoy free writes, this one only started with the chant. Then I remembered what someone once said to me about music: Music is painted on a tapestry of silence.

"Music is painted on a tapestry of silence."
What a beautiful way to describe music!!