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Life In Reverse

Can you see my Achilles’ heel as I trip over your social norms and stumble on the balance beam of your linear expectations?

I don’t know if I like your art -- is that what it is? Was I supposed to look? I missed the cue again, didn’t I?  But I like your smile.

Your dress, you ask? I shall look at it now and hack up a canned reply to meet your approval.

Wouldn’t you rather talk about the stress on your face?

Why must I notice things that don’t matter?  Can’t you see the syrup is pouring out of my pancakes?  And the rooster is crowing at the moon!

Yes, yes, your new hair is nice but what is that in your eyes?  Sadness?  It is a darker shade than your tresses and more prominent than the tension in your shoulders.

What now?  Have I missed my cue again?  I will consult my social dictionary for a proper response as soon as the flower unopens its morning bloom.
Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 8 Responses May 20, 2012

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This of course ignores the ellipticity of the earths orbit around the sun as an origin of a four dimensional coordinate system where position, which is represented parametrically is plotted against an orthagonal time axis. I sure would like it if someone would believe me.

A man came into the store last night. I was working the "Wine and Spirits" department. He was going on about which gin he should try next. He wondered also whether people were buying a lot of Brandy, since the weather had chilled a bit.<br />
<br />
I told him, no, beer was on the rise. Then he went on about how the cheap gin also came with a rebate. I had to leave him on that note to ring up a sale. <br />
<br />
He got his usual gin, forsaking the rebate for a taste he knew. Then he said somethings about tomorrow being his 7th anniversary of retirement. He was almost 70. He said what he missed most about work was having interesting conversations with folks. He added, like the one we're having right now.<br />
<br />
His face drew a bit more brightness as I nodded affirmation. When he left, he said good-bye at least three times. His loneliness filled the room for about five minutes after he left. <br />
<br />
Sometimes there is time in retail to engage after the "How are you?" greeting. I'm glad it happened when I didn't have a lot of business to attend. Life makes room for us all.

What a poignant encounter. I feel sorry for the old man, but am glad you brightened his evening, even if only for a minute or two. Sometimes it is the small bits of happiness interspersed in the emptiness and loneliness that sustain us and help us to move through another day. I don't know of anyone in retail who really wants to know how a customer is when they say, "How are you?" as part of their job duty, but I know you are not like that. Yes, I agree, life makes room for us all, and so do good people, like you. :-)

Thanks, I know the next time he comes in, the exchange will be even better, for both of us.
It's funny about that job duty of greeting. A lot of people will say "I'm living the dream!" being mostly sarcastic, in a fun way. I usually respond with "I hope it ain't a nightmare!" It gets us both laughing.

Simply elegant. And heartfelt. So witty. Thank you.

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

You are welcome.

Great piece of wrting..:)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. :-)

All I have to say is: wow! Reminds me of conversations I had with a girl I dated in high school. She'd get so upset when someone asked, "How are you?" She's go on a rant about how they really only want to hear "fine." She'd go on about "fine" and use the most sarcastic voice in saying it.<br />
In retail, I am supposed to greet customers with a "friendly greeting." Often it is "how are you today?" It either comes from the customer or myself, but it gets said up to 250 times a day. Rarely does disclosure arise unless it is wonderful news about graduation or marriage, or perhaps a vacation. But the tension shows in the eyes and face as you show in you piece here. No time to talk, just to ring up the sale. <br />
We are more transparent than we think, a lot of people have the blinders on against emotional cues; because they listened to their mothers when they were told, "don't stare at the unfortunate person."<br />
Love this, what a gift you have in ex<x>pression, and indeed, showing it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you. :-) Thank you for the compliment - it was an evening of some serious contemplation and a desire to share a few things.

Very happy that you acted on your desire.

I am speechless! Please talk about the sadness and stress on my face! It holds many stories - UNTOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you, JaimeLee1! My friend, for whom I wrote this, would see the sadness and stress on your face, but he would probably not notice your outfit, hairdoo, or matching shoes and purse. I find it intriguing, since he, and others like him, cut past the superficial crap the rest of us tend to get caught up in, and instead they see us naked. Our disguises of color and clothing and accessories don't work on them. They cut to the chase and it is hard to hide from them. I am in awe of their ability to be so insightful and focused, but at the same time, I would be uneasy in their presence, because I know any attempt on my part to conceal my true self would be a transparent effort.

So far, you're amazing.

The stories of sadness and stress are told, just unspoken.

I LOVED reading this....It makes a lot of sense and that is sort of sad..But you totally nailed it with this...Great piece of reading!

Oh, Sie, thank you my dear!! It means a lot to me that you found some meaning in what I wrote!! :-)

I found a LOT of meaning in it! It sometimes feels so frustrating when you feel deep emotions and think deeper thoughts and the world just seems to keep getting more shallow by the minute. Sometimes it feels like things are losing their meaning and that what we hold dear is beginning to slip right out of our hands.....That's why it's nice to be able to connect with folks who do still feel and think deep...Gives us all some hope! :)

Yes! You captured that nicely, Sie!! Have I told you lately that I adore you? :-) I understand!! Sometimes it seems like we are drowning in our own emotional seas all alone, but I think there are many more like us, but for some mysterious reason, people tend to shy away from the depths that need to be traveled to visit these treasures of human insight and vulnerability. I am guilty of that myself...but for tonight I am in a frame of mind to share some more intimate and private writings from my mind.

A true scorp indeed. What do we expect to hear when we ask the question, "How are you?". Some copy and paste type response that we utter on auto pilot or a genuine response? Sadly the world has taught us or rather tries to teach us that nobody cares for you or your problems. I feel you on this piece. Sometimes I just stop myself from even asking or caring. What's the point when your motives are always questioned?

What's odd about this piece, is that I wrote it for a friend of mine last autumn who is not a Scorpio - but in talking with him, I instantly recognized that we share some of the same social difficulties. Mine are not as severe as his, but I can empathize with him - and this piece is written for him. I cannot be bothered with the superficial or the melodramatic, or as you so aptly put it, "Some copy and paste type response that we utter on auto pilot..." I feel your angst!! Yes, sometimes what is the point of even asking, when we know it's nothing but going through the social motion?? There is no depth, no meaning, no connection behind it!!

Sounds pretty stressful. I am kinda learning not to think too much about other people. It can be exhausting. That may sound selfish, but sometimes it is the only way of coping. Well it is for me anyway.