The Do Nothings

Here's what doesn't make sense countries every where in the world,enacting laws that recognize and protect their citizens, and I mean all of them many countries have recognized that being a trans gender is a real and proven genetic flaw and that the people are real and should have the full protection and rights the same as any other person with a disability,but my country the supposed leaders of the free world is so backward thinking and unable to see beyond it's homophobic nose,that they allow their citizens to go on suffering by denying them their god given rights.
Am I surprised hell no these greedy,lazy backward bunch of do nothing shitheads haven't even passed a budget in over 4 years,they can't agree on one single thing that would help anyone in this country.Instead they allow federal agencies to make policy and deny all of us rights that we already had.It's time Patriots stood up  and begin taking our country back from the tyrants who are stealing it more and more day by day without our authorization's or due representation,I loved my country enough to offer my life for her why does she abandon me when I need her help.yes they make no sense and likely won't until all the do nothings are gone and replaced by people of goodwill, common sense and compassion for fellow human beings.

Oh crap sorry I didn't mean to make sense here.
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May 20, 2012