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Out Of The World

Nothing. Nothing.

No strings of attachment. Facts based on lies. Emotions based on fantasy.
The mind's a playground. The heart's aching for love.
Yet they go on.

I need to stop. Continuing means engaging in a form of suicide.
I need to stop. Cure myself from this addiction.
Addiction to a stranger, a faceless soul, an unknown person.

Who is that? Who? Is that?
Trust, never crossed our minds. Loosely based on words.
Alphabets, words, sentences. Each bearing an opposite meaning.

Why can't I distance myself? Am i under control?
No weapons, no real feelings...
Nothing that really binds.

Routine,it has become. Accustomed. That's power.
I am Me. Reminders....Reminders...
I need to let go.
Feel happiness in sadness, relief in pain.
To succeed, I must fail.

fuglygirlonthebench fuglygirlonthebench 22-25, F 3 Responses May 20, 2012

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beautiful. An ode to Life itself.

Thank you :)

Sadness has a life of its own, couple it with joy, a sort of resigned sigh of thanks and ... see what happens. It never makes sense, but, the sigh comes from a previous inhale, and the joy is in the very breath itself.

Emotional strings behind the alphabet can strangle us. Dependence on those strings is easy to cultivate, and often difficult to sever...