From Childhood’s hour I have not been as others were – I have not seen as others saw – I could not bring my passions from a common spring! NEVER MORE! THE RAVEN ! Knows me............................................................And I know, it only too well.

Look into the Abyss and it looks into YOU !

Jamie Lee
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But here is the true question Sweetie? <br />
<br />
If I continue this dialogue with you, is not the abyss drawing you and I back to it?<br />
I have visited it twice! The second time I attempted to kill myself. You say, which I agree, that the abyss has given us some sort of balance! Do we really want to have this conversation?<br />
<br />
But what happens if the next time, you and I lose our balance? And the darkness of our own soul and spirit, blends in so well that we are in there for all eternity!<br />
<br />
The Raven! I believe it knows! I think it can see! The Raven is only evil because it helps us seek revenge, towards someone who has ended our lives in a horrible manner.....................................................But is THAT being evil?

Ravens are not evil simply because they know. They like tricks, mostly because, people cannot learn otherwise. Ravens do not seek revenge, they exact it whenever necessary -- like against owls.
I stood over the middle of the abyss and contemplated letting go, to float freely, forever and never. Perhaps, I learned something at the abyss, that you have not and you have learned something there that I have not.
If it is not a safe place for you to go, then stay away. Only the person can answer a call, and answer it in the interest of well-being.
Evil is neither the question nor the answer. Look beyond good and evil, the twins of judgment, for beyond there is something full of wonder, which leads towards the truth you seek. At least, towards witch, I seek.
Loosing ones balance, if one is a baby bird, gives the young one an opportunity to fly!

Having spent many a year standing on a tight rope strung across the abyss, I know. If it could be said any other way, it would have. Nevermore, came not only from the Raven knocking at the door; but from another who knew the standing and staring, the lonely intimacy of the abyss, Poe.<br />
Good job, from wherever it came, it remains something that touches all that does not make sense, and clearly so.

What is the difference of standing on a tight rope across the Abyss, or standing on the edge, ready to take the step forward! And fall!
Sometimes the tight rope is safer. Especially if you know how! To keep your balance!
Do you think that I didn't hunger for the lonely intimacy of the abyss? My heart, soul, and spirit wanted it so bad. It would have been home for me.

You are an amazing person! By the way, It came from my heart. Good job to you for recognizing it ! But how sad you and I know what the abyss is................! The most profound thing is, that it still draws me to it!

My God!

The Raven - A creature that knows!

Jamie Lee

You are so right, there is no difference between the edge and out on a rope, balance is the key in both places. That balance comes from recognizing the abyss. In my experience, it calms in a weird way, it calms the spirit while terrifying everything else. I love the abyss as it gives me balance within my spirit. That is its draw for me anyway. Also, it is awesome.