Shattered Water And Soft Rubber Knives

Stinging nettles dreamed slowly and carefullest along the steadfast and dreary limbs thrust newly found after two weeks later.
Throngs of distracted slackers staged a rebellious coup, and just soonwardly nevertheless something just about communicated itself, but this too, would begin before now.
No movie or film of a movie made of pictures not having, or seeming to exhibit self propulsion of someway, never no not ever was so much as a myth or mystery to none other than those who would identify with so broad and fascinating of things that could be similar to like whispers.
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3 Responses May 20, 2012

rubbish is a talent too!

i didn't understand a thing

countless readings keep the misdirection clear, I like the words and how they battle and rattle to keep the mind wondering ... what was that I just read? Very similar to whispers. Like it!