Never Could I Edit At The Once Had I Read It

Nonce had I completed my slumbering entry over and above simple edition. Had I been elated then, indeed things would have belabored and foreshortened aside, away., yet more inopportune, having stated literally, vacuously endlessness somewhat.
Oh and she listed grotesquely as the wettish tide slid over and among this and that and some few underlings.
Harsh voices laden with marshmallows and peanut butterflys poured over those wishful thinkers as they strove to think on shrinking tinkers. Suddenly times have changed back to the way things would never happened at a time such as this. And so it sort of.

Afterwards ...tiny letters appeared on the screen at my fingertips. Arranging themselves into variously and various verbosities
speaking without so much as a word to the wizened. Only most of them bent or staved little lines showing off like children on a distant
School yard. And being punctual? ...what's up with this? Writing is just one damn thing after another,abbreviated by affectations, whims and fancies hammered out through time and time again . As if "Thor " himself invented the typewriter! Well then screw that and him and you (and anything Ive left out.--)

PS.. Shut the -hell up!
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1 Response May 20, 2012

Writing is just one damn thing after another ... giving only glimpses of the images that fleet through the writers head!