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Behind The Eyes

Look no further than your lens. You will see what I see. From behind my eyes, even before the the retinal reflections, I see the world, its people and yes, your smile. Your gloom sits across from me, it asks for its smile to arise. A crowd of people, all their voices, colors, costumes, fragrances, and emotions I can see without noticing them.
He walks within, behind his eyes, seeing things that shatter the world seen by the pupils, dilated, the retina reflects, the optic nerve sends a message, but behind the eye, before the image reaches the brain, he sees. Solitary figures of anxiety, greed, want, envy, joy, suspicion; they all wander past the passerby. He smiles or nods or brushes by awaiting contact with one who will open the very eyes behind the blue ones with iris mechanisms.
He fears not, yet to on-lookers he seems either aloof or shy; strange or dangerous; beautiful or grotesque. He sees their judgments and observations, yet, he smiles and sees transition set it.
She wants a hug, he extends his hand. He sees her recoil from the hand, pleading for a hug. She says to him, "Here we hug, you must be different, what are you?"
"I am human." He replies, and gives her a hug, one of the genuine kind, wanting nothing and receiving friendship within the moment. Behind his eyes, he sees the entire fair ground of the party, no one looks at him, no the one behind his eyes. They move about, some dancing, some eager to wander away. It is today. It is for them. The vision behind the eye tells him that all is good, yet, friendliness has yet to reap him a friend.
Behind the eyes the vista has to melt, lest he see none around him. Behind the eyes where I refer to me as him, because I cannot but experience him. I know him to be me, but, he is not the one my eyes see in the mirror. He is me behind my eyes glancing inward and outward, knowing what cannot be expressed.
So, I smile and she received my hug. He too. And they all saw it, but not from behind their eyes, otherwise, they would have run.
RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M 4 Responses Jun 7, 2012

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Thanks again!

I think our eyes see what we want them to see. Or, at least, their transmission gets garbled in the journey through the mind. <br />
<br />
How can we be sure we're seeing what is real? We can't!! Without even realizing it, we crop and photo-shop the incoming images until they are palatable to our minds and fit neatly into our compartmentalized bins. It's so grotesque, and yet I recognize I am just as caught up in this surreal dream as anyone else. And that mere thought annoys me to no end!

It's like being trapped in the Matrix of one's own neurology. So much comes in, gets cropped, reorganized, as you say. Makes me wonder if we could dodge bullets if we could get past our own brain chemistry.

Yes!! I know my brain is censoring incoming data, and I am at a loss to stop it! I want to see the unfiltered, unedited version, unrated version, and my censoring brain won't let me!! Argh!! Sometimes I despise human psychology!!

Red pill or Blue pill, you make the choice ...

But both are illusions...designed by the mind to create a more palatable delusion. Instead, I want no pill at all. I want to see reality without censorship. Can the mind withstand such a thing? I think least it seems plausible.

It can. And it is not only plausible, but possible. Yet, to ask how, is to seek the illusion again. Red or Blue, indeed a trick, a stepping stone across the abyss.

But I don't want a trick! (stomps feet in protest) I just want to see reality as it really is. Without all the clutter of a human psyche loaded with a lifetime of conditioned behaviors and responses and beliefs.

Zen. Toltec. some practices that have heard the stomping of feet. A fish does not know it is in water anymore than we know that we are in air.

(sigh) But that's probably another delusion...reminds me of a show I saw a while ago - Brian Greene's Fabric of the Cosmos. There was a startling theory that the world we think we're living in, is actually a 3-D "projection" of a 2-D existence from a black hole. Or maybe it was on the event horizon....I don't remember now, so don't hold me to it. I only remember being totally blown away. :-)

Is the Fabric 200, 400 or 1200 count? How do you get a projector into a black hole? I remember at least hearing the theory and being more puzzled than blown away.
The point that Pythagoras made makes the most sense, so, I won't mention it. It involves pi, the infinity of the circle, and the imagination of a square that has the exact area of a circle. It turns out to be a Zen problem for numbers people.
Reality? Truth or Fiction?

I don't know how these scientists come up with these theories. I only know they blow me the hell away! Who needs sci-fi?? Real science is all the sci-fi I can withstand!! lol When I hear "Pythagoras" I am catapulted back to my geometry class in high school. All those damn angles and A-squared + B-squared = C-squared. Ugh!! I did not like geometry. Loved algebra and precalc, though. And trigonomety?? Good gawd, have me drawn and quartered, boiled in oil and my innards ripped out! But through it all, somehow the quadratic formula stays with me to this day. No rhyme or reason to the human memory!

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Perceptive of you to use perception, as one who "lives behind my eyes", I figured out that that notion, inner sense, is one of perception, rather, a function of perception. The eyes are powerful tools in giving us information upon which we make judgments as to beauty, danger, and such. Behind all that information is what we perceive. Getting caught in a world of perception rather than vision warps the judgment, and can, as you say Vignette, make all those other eyes around us dissolve and we may feel a sense of being alone, even in a crowd. I do at least.

It's all in the perception, isn't it? And sometimes we see the things we don't want to see. And I wonder, just how many eyes are staring back at us when we think no one knows we're there?