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Confused? Fused with what? Or is it the opposite of fused? What is the con to the fuse that makes it all difficult? Is it the fused to the con? What sticks to the con that makes it fuse to the center of one's thoughts and jumbles them so? It can confound one so. Confound? Found with what? Found against what? Confused and confounded, I find this disconcerting. Perhaps it is from disrespecting the concert? That symphony of ideas that mix with images that float like motes in the sunlight of my mind's eye. Misinformed and mislead through a puzzle so obscure that it leaves me without a face: discountenanced. Being fused with that which is perplexing without other measure. The plexus per chance becomes the what to which the con is fused.
RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M 4 Responses Jun 19, 2012

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I believe the fuse is a con. Or it could be the ion.