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Choice Of Thought

Unconsciously, everyone thinks thought. They get stuck. Choice after choice produce the same result. What is thought, comes about.
Awareness of intentional thought brings about paths of alternate routes to take. Same choices, different awareness come into the thoughts. The unconscious bears witness to the entire panorama of events, present, future and past.
Like magic each thing appears. Choices jump out of the internal bushes and surprise our imaginations. Intent on doing right, the right thing lays on the path and is stepped over. Unless, one stops, picks it up and without examination finds from where it came.
Then the path changes, overgrown, less traveled, no sight beyond the next tree, the taker sees a way. No more open paths present themselves, but, a joy leaps up from within. The joy of new discovery in and about the traveler. Thinking ones way through this requires only what to do with the next step.
It makes no sense to keep trying the same thing. Though others require of themselves to do so.
RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M Nov 14, 2012

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