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A New Clock

Now's the time, yet if it were, no time would be necessary. All clocks would be NOW and not half-past now or quarter til now, simply now. Now to think of now eternally is to have a thought that time moves from now to now but it does not and does but cannot be recorded as the now of then. When now was a simpler time it was glorious to behold. But now is no longer as simple as now was then. Soon now will change and be fixed in the future as a now that all can find comfort in and be held, not in time or eternity, but simply in the time that it is now. Now what?
RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M 1 Response Dec 10, 2012

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Now I'm not so sure about now. lol Perhaps it is best thought of as the Tao of Now. A path of eternal Nows illuminating the present moment, from one now to the next, yet with no discernible movement. Just eternally now. :-)

following the yellow brick road ... illuminated by Neon Ovals Watching created by Lao Tzu so we could walk the path without danger (OSHA, 1997) ... then at the end we see the beautiful palace and the horse of a different color and discover that we aren't where we thought we were, nor can we be where we thought we should be ... unless ... our minds framed it ... we make a mantra of it ... click our heels and ... ah ... but then the world was so black and white.

Ah, yes, now it's clear. Horses' hooves clippity-clop a fraction ahead of the past, running into the Neon Ovals Watching, while chasing the carrot in a future that never comes. A perpetual treadmill of now.

That's soo romantic, I think it's like getting in touch with your inner hamster! (The squeeky wheel gets all the noise.)