I Dont Want Simpathy

Things turn to work out so weird sometimes. You think that everythin is goin in one direction...then all of a sudden its like you are driving down a dark road in the middle of the night you crash and your hanging on for dear life, smashed in, so trapped and no one can hear you scream. Would you give up? Or keep screamin? It is starting to feel like the weight of the world is crushing me and a million pounds in sittin on mi chest. The air is bein sucked outta mi chest. I lie awake thinkin about wat I have been through, n wat is yet to come. Your words play over and over again in mi head like a broken record. like bloody hand prints on a wall and broken glass on the floor it knt be fixed or it isn't the same. I have nightmares of what u did to me over and over again, night after night, tear after tear. I knt seem to see how it is over if the pain never stopped. No one can look at wat he did like I look at it. The tears I cried, the blood I bleed, the fear I swallowed, the thoughts that come. You can try and see it through mi eyes but what u see won't be compleatly me. There is alwayz a part of miself that will alwayz be looked away in a secret place that I have forgotted how to open. The walls are so high that if I were to fall I would have no chance to servive. Do you ever think to yourself ' do things happen to serten ppl' ' why do some ppl act this way' ' what happen to that person to make them that way' well I think that everyone at some point does, even if we dnt edmit it. Well I don't want ppl feelin sorry for me never have. I just wish that I could of done something different to make me feel like...like....just nt of....idk how to put it. I just wish I could of held back more tears and saved more falls.
LifeLessHelloKitty LifeLessHelloKitty
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no sympathy here, but empathy. if we could change the past, ah but it's past, now is all there is. So do what's right for yo in the now! no sympathy but a sincere wish for happiness.

Thank u