Chapter 2 - My Childhood

After my parents got divorced, my mother got custody, and she and I moved to a small suburb near Nashville, TN, which was not only my mother's hometown but also where her parents lived.  My grandparents offered to let us live with them, which is what we did for about four or five years.  I transferred preschools.  I vaguely remember preschool, but I'm not sure if it's Nashville preschool or Houston preschool that I remember.  I just remember I had two teachers at the same school, and one of them would always spell my name wrong.  I find it interesting that I could actually read my name at that age.  I must have been pretty smart.

After preschool I was put in a private, Christian, elementary school.

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Glad to hear that :-) I've never doubted yours either.

I never doubted your intelligence ...

It'll be up soon...hopefully...

looking forward to the rest of this story...