My Weekend Was Up And Down

Friday, i went for a little grocery shopping after college. I bought a bottle that i was suppose to save for halloween. It was Gold Slchigger, that taste good though. I drank it with my roommate. after I felt a bit tips, so i chilled out getting ready for the bar, i met up with my boyfriend he had a rough day at work. So I tried to cheer him up, but i was also feeling uncomfortable because random guys came up to me just me and keep asking to dance i just stared at him like wth? im with my boyfriend, and he told me that some old guy over there told him to.
So i talked to that guy who told him to, not to do that i am with my boyfriend. I also bumped into my mom and my aunt, my aunt peaced out because drama with her husband.
During the bar crowd i was like wasted, my boyfriend told me that my mom peaced out and i was drunken worried, cried out of no where. Cried on his shoulders, and that was cute. But i was sort of embarrassed on how i acted.


Woke up feeling hungover, felt totally aweful. Asked him what happened. He told me i was shocked and felt embarrassed. But he said that i was pretty cute. awee <3
He had to work so i went to my auntie gayles place, took a nap until I got so bored, finished my homework.
I had a very bad coffee craving around 11pm so of course i would go to tim hortons for an extra large double double. I got really hyper. I bumped into my boyfriends lil brother, he told me that tyler is at the bar, i was like wth? he didnt even tell me. Then I remembered its my girlfriend Kecia's 20th birthday at the johnny b's bar. I thought of stopping by and say happy birthday. So I did, she was pretty drunk already but thats alright, she's enjoying herself. My boyfriend came to say hi as well, and here comes the awkward moment, both of my exes are there, I ignored but noticed them both were staring at me. I told my bf that im just going to the surf because the DJ wants some updates ( I give the Dj at the surf club some updated music) and the bartender asks me to bring more people over to the bar ( I get free shots out of this one). I gave the dj updates they play the music i ran into my big sister Jennifer, i was like omg! then my buddy Brady Bunch, and my aunt Lianna. what a total coincidence! i danced with them then my bf was there we danced all night, it was a good night that night. I wasn't drinking i just had coffee and a little energy drink thats it. sober night with a hint of caffeine.

short story
I met his cousin, and i cooked supper (chicken alfredo) with star bucks coffee i mixed with a little flavor in it (which i invented a new flavor called JuggieChinno)
JeanRuss JeanRuss
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012