Which I Was Better At Writting Like When I Was In High School

Maybe my story would help other understand what they may throw away but not getting to know others that me seem a little different?

Maybe it would help others understand the pain of their actions to others by making judgements without facts

Maybe it would help others today understand the true cost of the freedom they seem to take for grantet and the lifes it has cost and the lost loves it has cost.

I became friends with a new kids the first day of 8th grade i had no idea of the change just a phone call to my classroom would cause in my life. over the next few weeks months and years.

I had no idea the world i had been living was different then many others i just knew i hated how i lived and i had try to take my life very early in life.
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I believe most of the time it is the parants fault.Here they let their kids do what ever they want,they dont treat people with respect even the elderly they swear at or abuse even beat them up or rob them.I do think parants need to be tought that there are people in this world who are born different and need respect just like the normal people.

kids aren't really responsible yet for their thoughts, they don't know what they say hurts others. I am sorry for all the pain I have caused others in my life.

true they are not but i think many times parents are

there is a song called skip a rope while it is an old song i think it fits even more to day then in the past

I agree, where were the parents? I don't remember the song.