My Life

Life is river that can never be contained in words or celluloid
This is just an humble try to express and outline those paths i encountered

Always i have been very shy person but shy doesnt mean am not friendly once you get to know me am fun to hang out with.Sometimes i have been that self-centered guy who wants everything like he wants doesnt care what happens to others .Sometimes I care about some people who are near to me I was always questioning everything and anything that i came to know the laws the religion everything i could have thought about in my mind but never had the balls/guts to express them as i feared being made fun of if the question was a stupid one but i started seeking the answers from myself some answers and experience brought me lot of answers even though i found some from others and some from books. As a kid to avoid my loneliness I found myself a fantasy world where i am the hero am the king am everything. I still go back to those fantasies to get away from worldly devils to be sucessful to be happy.As i grew up i understood thats is just a fantasy it will never come true. I have thought about everything the world considers taboo.
I fell in love i never understood what love was and its value i lost it in a well called time.I tried going back to time to get back that love but i lost myself in depression I tarvelled through the dirtest streets found saddness and kept it beside me then i found some people from my family and friends who guided me to light and happiness I found even happiness in depression. I have always dissapointed those who loved me for i never understood what love was and the value of love. I have brought my family great griefs without understanding their love and failing to give back the love care safety and the kindness i recieved from them and that left me in pain and pain only.I have always been a short tempered guy and i have always directed my anger towards my family.I still need to control my temper as I learned to control my depression but by that time my studies took a major hit still i am happy i could have never understood these things if not for love and depression

Then one fine day i found God and i found he and the universe has always been conspiring to bring my dreams and fantasies to reality but i was the one who never understood that then i understood that it may seem to me that it was not what i wanted but it was just the begining of bringing that dream to reality i never understood and left the dream un completed then i realized what was happening now i see more clearly and am grateful for the moments and love he and the all others around me has provided me.Now I am learning and trying to love everyone and trying not to hurt anyone with my words my actions or even with my thoughts Along the path i found some nicepeople who have been helpful to understand what was happening what is happening how to control myself.

An Angry mind is a narrow mind
You can always control the outcome if cant control whats happening
You can always change your position in a difficult situation you just have to find how
you can always choose to be happy and postive
are some of the quotes i like
Please forgive the mistakes i have made
Please feel free to comment and criticize
As i am planing on elabortating on the events of my life

akhilsnath akhilsnath
22-25, M
Sep 25, 2012