Just For The Sake Of Writing

There are times when I just want to write. I don't care how it turns out or what I eventually write about. I just feel like writing.

I remember when I was quite young, I used to write stories using my trusty old typewriter. My little fingers got stuck many times between the keys but that never stopped me. Until now, I think my fingers would still get stuck. But I love the sound of the typewriter clicking away bringing life to my stories. I didn't get to write a lot of stories though. I could remember 3 full stories I made in the form of a storybook. But every time I showed my stories to my mom, she would criticize everything, from the grammar to the drawings. So I would only show my dad who in turn showed my mom. I couldn't handle criticism very well so I simply stopped writing those stories. I just typed words or my name or anything just so I could hear the typewriter clicking away.

When I was in grade school and high school, I became part of the school paper. In fourth year, I was even editor-in-chief but our paper then was of no worth. I didn't even really edit anything, I was just assigned the label. I felt that I wrote very well but when I would join writing contests, I never won. Oh I won second place once, I think. But I felt like writing was too in-the-box that time and you had to worry too much about the grammar and the format and all those criteria.

Then came college... I took scriptwriting classes with this professor who gave me a high grade the first time but later on gave me a low grade. He wanted dark stories, those that rape or kill or those horrible stuff that sell in movies. That was it for me. I hated writing and never would write another story after that... or until I graduated.

There is something about writing that draws me. I don't think I can become a novelist or a scriptwriter or a playwright or even a well-renowned blogger. But someday, I hope I can write even a book that can get published... even an e-book that would sell. I don't know. I just hope.
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1 Response May 14, 2012

My advice is to keep a diary/journal and write whatever you want, when you want. One day, you may look back on them and the material could be the basis of something new. I'm saying this because I wish that I had done that! Sorry that you've had bad reviews/experiences when sharing previous work. It is so easy to take it personally when someone does this. Keep writing, and one day, your dreams might come true. Why not find a local writing group?