Part Three

 Aria remembered what was like to be in her tower.She was so lonely there..She could never understand who put her there where she could feel so trapped and it was so dark.If anyone saw her from the window,he could never know she was in reality a child.She wasnt as she looked like..

So many tears but she always had the hope she could one day leave without fear or someone could find the key to her tower and let her out.

She could cry to sleep waiting for something..hoping something would change..

till one angel came and brought her to her real,beautiful home..and now she could be herself and be happy again..

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hello annasangels how are you,<br />
This ia a nice and wonderful story. For a second I felt touched by the story cause sometimes persons life is too dark that even a angels bright sunlight cannot enter in persons life by tearing the darkness.<br />
but it does'nt mean for a person to get despair, person should allways keep the hope alive<br />
this whole wide world exists on hope

yeah..a happy ending..

I like it soo much I like how she found the happiness and how she found home beautiful


wonderfully written... just somehow about you? <br />
<br />
There are happy endings :) they really do occur. Your angel can appear at anytime and any place... sometimes you have to look for them though.

Beautifully written

So there really are happy endings. Keep up the good work and Believe that they can happen. Writing is very good therapy for when you are down or confused about something. Write something while incorporating your real life situations, then add a happy ending and you may go back to read the solution you were looking for.<br />
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I like your story a lot!!! Good work!

angel, this is so inspiring. (((hugs)))

This is lovely! Thanks for sharing,doll.


I love it. Is it metaphorical, the metaphor being you? It's a hopeful story, well done.


somehow..glad u like it

Beautiful.............a true story my sweetheart?