I Want To

 Feel your hands  runing along my body,I want to taste you and feel your lips pressed against mine. I want it to be when I am able to be myself so I can do to you what  have done to you in my imagination only a million times a day.I want to feel the passion build up and  shatter into a million pieces inside of me. I want to feel your kisses and your carresses and  hear you whisper sweet nothings only for me to hear,  I want to feel beautiful in your eyes, I want to   feel your solid hard body and smell your musky scent up against me. I want to  feel loved and give it in return...I want to show you just what you mean to me, I want to thankyou for being here and be close to you if only for a small amount of time,  as only two adults can. I want to explore your body, every inch and  taste and feel  and will leave nothing unknown, I want to bring you pleasure. Most of all, I want to make you happy, 

MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
Mar 16, 2010