Me And My Bin

I love my bin and I take it everywhere with me... if only shops would let me bring it inside so I could load up on stuff :-(
Gemzaayy Gemzaayy
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You not have to of course.

I know and I dont plan on it

Can you give us some examples of his behaviour that you deplore?

Why should I? You obv read my story thats enough.

why did you write that your father was an"arsehole" ?

Because he is. Is that a problem?

why would a supermarket company allow you to take a wheelie bin into their shop ?

Why not?

Have you wheelie bin shopping lmao

LOL well I could get a load more PINK stuff it I took me bin

Ohhh wheelie You now we have bin here b4 and its rubbish lol


LMAO! Do you need tokens by any chance?

LOL no... i saw Tubbsie made this group and it looked all lonely without a story in it ;-)

He has me blocked for some reason! Seems I've managed to offend yet again.

Aww really? :O


You probaly ate his food or smoked his weed :-P

As usual I have no clue what got me blocked, c'est la vie!

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