Premarital Sex is Not True Love
Now, I don’t want this to be misconstrued when I state that I do not agree with having sex, before marriage, but I don’t bring condemnation with me, either. I understand the debate about “getting with the times,” but that seems to be a type of scapegoat argument. Truth is, the sexual desires we all have, in this age, aren’t any different than the sexual desires of a past generation. I don’t know if you’d take my words as spoken in ignorance, since I’ve never been there, but true wisdom is learning from others mistakes, as well as fearing God. I’m tired of the whole “I didn’t think it’d happen to me” affirmation, we all need to start thinking with the mindset that it WILL happen, if I do this. There are only so many outcomes that can be produced from having sex, a child is one of those outcomes, so take responsibility. If you’re mature enough to lay down with a member of the opposite sex, then be mature enough and come to the realization that your life is forever changed. Don’t get me wrong, sex, within its proper context, is an amazing thing, after all, God created it for our enjoyment. When you have sex, before marriage, you’re depriving yourself of a great and wonderful gift that should only be opened within the confines of marriage. You may not realize it, but do you understand the emotional toll premarital sex has on someone, when they stop and truly evaluate what they’ve done? You give that person a piece of you that you’ll never be able to get back, all for a quick ****** or a quick, minute sense of euphoria. As quickly as those feelings came, they’re gone and you’re quickly overcome with guilt and emptiness. I mean, sex is supposed to be something else that separates humans from animals, but when you have sex, before marriage, just, because it feels good, is that not what a dog in heat does? I understand that people have urges, but are you going to submit to those feelings and let them become like a god to you? Abortion is murder, but I will cover that topic at a later date, seeing as that can take a whole page by itself. Why do we believe it’s ok to take a gift from God and use it perversely? Because it’s been normalized by the media and society, as a whole? Does that make it right? I know I’ve only been talking from a man and woman point of view, but the same tolls are weighted against same-sex couples, as far as the emotional tolls go. Why is our generation so obsessed with instant gratification? We don’t want to wait for hardly anything. It’s almost like if we don’t have something, now, then our lives are ruined or we feel like we’re missing out, but what about missing out on the satisfaction that you’ve kept your virginity for that specific person, your spouse? Once you lose your virginity, it’s gone, you cannot get it back. How special a moment, how special a bond it would be for you to be able to say to your spouse on your wedding night “I saved myself, just for you”? That would be a beautiful, special, awe inspiring moment that only you two have shared. How many times have you heard it said, “I wish I would've waited” or “it’s really not that special”? Why can’t we be the generation that says “True love is waiting”? Some things are worth waiting for, true love is one of those things.
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nice. i wish i could write something like that. But im not good in words to express what i want to say.

Just grab a dictionary and a thesaurus and write from your knowledge and experiences of things. If you put passion into what you're writing, it'll be conveyed in the writing. Just write about something you're passionate about.