You Kids Were Busy,weren't You?

To honor a teacher,

To stand by and help an old sick man,

To create a positive and healing atmosphere,

To keep the dream  going,

To remember the importance of being an individual and to blend in.

Is the best medicine there is.

We call it love.

retiredfather retiredfather
61-65, M
8 Responses Oct 11, 2009

Thanks for the welcome back. Can't wait for the winter<br />
interns to show up.

Don't forget who inspires the kids to create this group! Been missing you, sir :)

Be well, dear sir! xx

KP-don't take this wrong,but I love you!

Now, now! Frew of us know when we are going to go. The bus could jump the curb tomorrow morning or i could fly to Paris on my 100th birthday. The trick is to allow oneself to live in this very moment, to be full alive and enjoying it. Life is not a punishment! Life is a celebration. We have been invited to the party yet, we get nervous about going.

Tell me about it.

I am back, for now. Next time I may not be as lucky.

How wonderful to have you back! Hope you are feeling well and have a small idea of how much you were missed.