My First Dp

my senoir year in high school i met two guys at a bar one saturday evening.tom and joe,both in there early 30's,that shared a house in the country together.both of them were very attractive,and both were hitting on me that night.tom finally asked me which one of them i was interested in?i told them i'd like to find out more about them both,as i was interested in both of was still early when they both asked if i wanted to go to there place?they had a pool,and we could invite some other people over and just party there,or just sit around and talk.
we decided to go back and see what happens,since it was only about 8pm.tom rode with me back to there house,out in the was a nice sized house,kinda sicluded.we sat around the pool,talking,as joe undressed and jumped in the pool.i asked tom if he just jumped in nakid?yes he did,we usually go nakid out here,nobody can see anything.tom stood up and undressed,and asked if i was gonna join them?what the hell i thaught,i just seen toms **** and it looked good to me!they both watched me undress,as they both told me they liked what they saw.jumping in,they both swam over to me.asking if this was my first time nakid in a pool?no i told them i've skinny dipped before,and with other guys around.
as joe came up behind me close,that i could feel his **** against my ***.starting to rub my ****,and kiss me on the this your first time nakid alone with two horny guys?yes i told him,and i kinda like it!i could feel joes hard **** pokeing me from behind,turning to him and strokeing him,while we kissed.joes **** felt long and skinny,but a good thickness any way.looks like we need to take care of that pokeing me,i told i kinda jumped up wrapping my leggs around him,guideing joes **** inside me.oh my joes **** was longer than i thaught,as i could'nt take it all.
joe yelled to tom,dude you need to get in her,she's hot!you like that baby?joe asked as he thrusted into me.uuumm humm i moaned.tom came up behind us.joe told him,dude her ***** feels good,she's not that deep.i cant all my 8 1/2 inchess into tom had me lean back against him,playing with my nipples,and kissing me.wanna feel mine baby?tom asked i reached back and stroked toms hard ****.joe thrusted into me,while tom held me from behind.toms **** felt just aslong as joes,alittle thicker though.
joe was getting ready to ***,as he pulled out of me,sitting on the edge of the pool.suck joes ****,while i try that ***** of yours!tom told i leaned over to suck joes ****,tom put his inside me.oohh,alittle thicker i moaned out to them.this is awquard i told them,can we go some were else?we got out,takeing a quick shower together in there outside shower.with them both foundling,and kissing me.
they took me into the basement,into what they called there **** room.they had a king size bed,no head board.about three video cameras set up on tripods,going to there pc.they had one of them sex benches,and a sex swing they could put up over the bed.tom kissed me passionately and said,dont mind that stuff.some girls like beeing video'd?tom layed me on the bed,and said.let me taste that hot ***** of yours!as joe kissed wanna video this,joe asked me.i never done that either,i dont care.i told them.joe got up and turned them on,them came back to me haveing me suck him.
dam you like my **** dont you?joe asked,as i tried to take more and more of it in my mouth.tom moaned,yea dude feed her that ****!as he braught me to an ******* eatting my *****.thats it baby *** for us,relaxe that *****.joe moaned,dam baby your gonna make me *** in your mouth if you keep going!joe was ready to *** as his **** swelled thicker.i squeezed his ****,and paused.telling him not yet.letting him get passed that urge to *** a few secounds,then i went back down on him.doing this to him a few times,letting the intencity of his ******* build.*** in my mouth i asked joe,letting him shoot his hot load this time.aahh god dam baby!make me *** in your mouth!ohh my god,that feels so good!!i made sure i swallowed every drop of joes he was kinda spent after his intence *******.
tom moved up to **** i give it to you better now,as he entered me slowly.tom was beeing passionate with me,kissing me while he ****** me.joe got up and went to recooperate alittle bit,as tom and i ******.mmm i'm gonna *** with your **** in me,i moaned.tom timed his ******* with mine,just as i started to *******,tom came inside me.sending my ***** into more spasims as i kept *******.after we stopped *******,tom layed next to joe came back with a hard on.
as they both kissed me,rubbing my ***** with warm oil.they had my whole croutch lubed they both oiled there *****.are you ready for us both they asked me?tom asked me to get on his **** reverse cowgirl and lay back on him.since toms **** was alittle longer and thicker than joes,tom said it would be easyer if his was in me tom held my leggs back,telling joe to put his in me.i got nervious about this.hold on baby,were about to stretch your ***** good with both our ***** in it.dont worry you'll enjoy this alot,it will blow your mind.joes **** pushed against my ***** with toms burried in it it slid inside me,my ***** was stretching takeing them both.joe kept pushing it inside me.oh my god i'm so fucken full of ****!your stretching my ***** wide open,oh my god this feels so good!i started to ******* on them both,this time i must've squirted,it was so intence,as i felt real wet.god yes **** me,**** me!!joe got as much as he could inside me,as they both ****** my *****.i've never had that many ******** before,it felt so good getting my ***** full of two *****.it was even better as they both came inside me twice.
after that round,i wanted more!later that night i had one of them in my and *** and ***** at once,as they took turns ******* both my holes most the ***** and ******* both gapped open full of there ***.after staying the night,as i easyly had them both **** me like that the next day.
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Wonderful story, sounded like a great night for all