I Have A Good Friend That Has Shared His Wife With Me Mfm

Well it started when I was over working on his veh. and they were drinking and talking . Me and him had talked about a MFM  before if she would go for it . Well one thing led to another and we end up in there bed room nude and messing around we both stood by her on her knees sucking  one then the other oh it felt so good and she was loving it then got on the bed she was on her knees giving him head as I started licking her and fringering her to get her good and ready as I put my hand on her tights and slide in her .Oh it was so nice and I started working around in and out .I liked screwing her as she sucked on him .I did not last long that time and put my load right on her *** she cleaned up and then he did his thing as she sucked me hard again he frished and we took turns for hours one would and the other would get some head and lick her and she had some toy she would play with and I liked licking her **** as she played with her toy in her.We all had a great time and have done it a few times after it was the best sex evertime I love it she gets so turned on with two of us it is great .

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Ever try having one of you do her *** while the other her *****? Either way I bet she came multiple times with so much **** to play with

u lucky guy!<br />
<br />
i luv 3sums! Once had a fmf w/ straight & bisexual girl.<br />
it almost drove me nutts having both suck my d?!* & kissing each other @ the same time - still 1 of my best memories...<br />
<br />
but still i consider a MfM more natural. if i had the opportunity to have 1 w/ my gf i would definitely go for it!

This desire is common in many marriages. It works well for us.

Good for you, I hope you see her again, may be this time all alone.

you are lucky