No, I don't have 2 wives, nor would I want 2. (Well, actually I have, but not at the same time!) Now the Mormans used to do it and it seemed to work, so what do I know? As an aside, there are obviously 2 ways to do this, first like the Mormons, where everybody all lives together in one big house and everybody knows and likes everybody else. Or the man could have 2 wives and kids in 2 separate areas, neither of whom knew of the other. Neither one sounds appealing long-term. BUT (here is my story)

Years ago my wife and I went to the beach for 2 weeks. At the last minute she invited one of her best friends to join us. She had recently concluded a nasty divorce, and hadn't had a real vacation in years, and was in desperate need of some serious R&R. This was going to crowd our condo big time, as with 1 child each we now had 5. Since I liked her; and the girls (ages 6 and 7) always played together I readily agreed. When we all got together to discuss plans my wife casually mentioned that we were real casual about privacy and always wore thong swimsuits, and the condo would be crowded with only 2 BR and 1 bath, so she hoped that would be ok. Her friend was totally surprised that I would wear a thong, and noted that she hadn't even worn a bikini in quite a few years. We both said that would never do, and convinced her to get one before the trip. I even offered to come and "help" her pick one out (ha ha). But she said this was all cool, and, yes, she probably did need a new suit.

Well, the condo only had a king bed in the master and 2 twins in the other. Her friend slept on the couch in the LR with the girls in the other BR. The first day was uneventful, and yes, her friend was hot in her new bikini which was, thankfully, quite small, although it couldn't compare to my wife's thong. We were all getting along quite well, and I had given her friend nice goodnight kisses, which she liked. She had also brought along several very short sundresses which were great, as we spent lots of time on the floor, as there weren't enough chairs. By the 2nd day, she was completely relaxed around us, and we had stopped dressing for breakfast. We all decided that no one needed to close the bathroom door, as it seemed the girls always needed to do something in there, and it only made sense to share. I also had a small rubber "boat" which was fun to play in, and even more fun to try to squeeze 2 adults into; the 2nd day I got her friend in the boat with me, which was very cozy. That night, after a few drinks we were all watching TV, snuggled together on the floor, and, feeling the urge, I began to massage my wife's breasts. Her friend noticed and snuggled up closer to me. I reached around inside her top and began rubbing her back and she purred gently. By the end of the show my wife and I had lost our shirts, and I had suggested her friend do the same. Much to my surprise she took her shirt off, although she was wearing a bra.

When the show ended, her friend announced that the couch was way too small to sleep on, and she had been uncomfortable both nights. I said she was welcome to sleep in our bed, and, much to my surprise, both women agreed. I immediately claimed the middle spot, and we all got ready and piled in. Her friend did put her nightie on, but my wife and I both slept nude. It was great fun, as her friend kept rolling into me all night, so by the morning I was very excited. Her friend did get up early so my wife and I had our "private time". The next night we all decided that was the permanent sleeping arrangement. The next morning I awoke all cuddled up with her friend, who was now totally nude! I guess she had gotten hot in the middle of the night and removed her nightie. This time my wife was up first and she said that it was us two that needed "private time" this morning, as she knew her friend was getting quite horny! So as soon as my wife left, well, you know what happened next!

So we quickly settled into a pattern of all 3 sleeping in the same bed, and I was having sex with both of them every day. And it wasn't just the bedroom arrangements. Her friend wanted to go to a water park 1 day, but my wife preferred the beach, so I went with her and the girls. Of course we had a great time, but it was funny when the park wanted to take a "family" picture of the 4 of us for their photo board. When we got back, her friend started joking that she was now my "second wife", and we were all 1 big family. Which was pretty much true for those 2 weeks, especially given the cramped quarters.

We actually got along surprisingly well the entire 2 weeks. The girls were practically like sisters anyway, so they did fine. And I certainly enjoyed taking care of both women, although I must confess it did get a bit much towards the end. Especially after her friend decided that she really wanted sex twice each day, and my wife, not wanting to be "second", insisted twice for her, too. Whew, I never thought I would tire of sex, but by the end of the vacation I was definitely worn out. Now, I know many of you are thinking "three-some" here, but, no, that never happened. In thinking back, I guess no one really had any great desire. But we did pretty much dispense with clothes most of the time in the condo, which was no big deal for us, but her daughter was always quite taken with me, as she didn't see her father much. So I was always "elected" to give her her bath, or shower, which we often shared. TV time usually meant all of us naked on the floor. After the girls went to bed we would get cozy, and I would always end up massaging both women simultaneously. But we did keep the sex separate.

At the end of the 2 weeks we all agreed it had been great fun, especially for me who, obviously had the best deal going. But we did more or less acknowledge that it was good this was only for 2 weeks, as none of us thought this would work long-term. (Well, the girls thought we should all live together, but not us adults.) The next week, life did seem much more boring and mundane, but in some sense more "normal". That always happens after a good vacation anyway. Can't imagine how the Mormons used to make it work with 3 or 4 women, and I certainly wouldn't want to be one of 2 or more husbands either.
davyjo davyjo
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Jan 18, 2013