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What Is Love

1>>>>its a complicated thing ,, some people use these words in wrong manner ,, many scholars have said that love is not a game of four legs mean (sex) . so what is love ..... love is a relationship of heart ,, let me tell u how > a man comes in a women life , he respect u he hold u in his arms and a girl sleeep in his arms by thinking that was what she needed .. he is always there for her when she cry when she she is sad.. if girls wants him ... he suddenly goes and marry her and then after marrying her he gives everything whar girl wanted ,, then they have smalll kids wich they both enjoy playing with them they are happpy with there life .. ((((( this is what love is ))))

2>>>> Now let me tell u what women are facing now days and what women think or what men do with womens by playing with them >>>>>>>>> a girl is in relationship with boy they keep up up to many days months suddenly boy ask to do sex or they wouldnt stay together or the boy ask that he love her to much and wants kids and want to make love .. though women are emotional so they lose there virginity ,, boy never marries her but stay with her for some time long they have kids etc one day boy feel that he want another girl and he started to complain ,, the man left the girl alone with the babies and the girl cries to much rather than she have enjoyed before ..........

3>>>> many crazy chiks out there who are so horny that they just give there self to every one and they feeel that they are goood and awesome people love there beauty but they dont know that peeople dont love there beauty or love u they love sex and after sex they throw u in a garbage like a can but still women never listen up they keeep on giving themself ,,,,

Dont u ******* girls seeee that all u womens are precious one and special one and no one have right to use u ..... dont u know how love works is it alll u seeee sex when u are in emotional . and women who man have left u dont cry like a baby be strong and live life because if any one have left u mean u deserve bettter ,, just go and kick his **** so he should know what is the consequences to play with women heart

NOTE : think wich one ur bf is ,,,,,, the first one or the second one ..... if its the first one u have lived ur life if its the second one u have all the rights to change him to the first one women can do everything , a women love can make the world go around change him and if he still doesnot changes kick his **** out lol ...... any one hate my experiance dont comment it but its true what i have writttten : ) thank you my pleasure ladies
rolex928 rolex928 22-25, M 24 Responses Jul 2, 2011

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i know this is old but very nice.

It is good to hear a man speak of love differently than just as sex. It is hard to find a man that "sees" you I mean REALLY sees you as a whole person. Maybe it is hard for men to find a woman that sees them too. So many surface games. I think there is a cost to both the used and the users. It's sad. Good post.

Excellent and so truly written.

LOL, it's so true. Thank you for being honest with us girls. *big hug and kiss for showing us gentlemen still do exist*


I agree with your post. some men know there are vulnerable women with low self-esteem and they play on it and get them to sleep with them and they dump them. some of them end up pregnant and the child without a father. girls should stay strong and think of consequences before they go to bed with guys; especially the smooth talking ones who tell them how beautiful and special they are. also don't believe guys who says I love right away because most guys and men have trouble saying I love you right away.

Nice story rolex. Thks.

awsum........lvn it :) :D ^ _^

good story... one needs to love himself first before loving another person... self-worth..:) thx for his inspirational story..:)


Pple dnt rily understand wat is love ey think dat love is just a game n its rule is 2 hve sex n after having sex its over bt its nt suppose 2 be like dat bt wat cn l say its e generation

Rolex, You are wise way beyound your years. I wish My daughter could have found a man like you. Infact I wish I could have found a man like you 45 years ago. Don't ever change your way of thinking.

You so right..Its hard to find people like u in this world, its reliefe me that there are still poeple think like that.

Wow! I couldnt have said it better myself Rolex. This is 100% true and i hope more people read this.

If only more women could read this because us women need to be reminded dat sex is not a game & is should be saved for sum1 u deserve to be with. Best story I hav evr read

Rolex I wish all men thought like you did... and had that respect for women! Yes... thumbs up!

Nice story ok;)

thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rolex.. are a wise man. too strange find that kind of wisdom..Keep at it and don't loose it..Your friend Okie

You make many good points here. We try to teach our daughters t ovalue themselves and keep their own treasure but this society is always pushing the reverse. Plus honestly, absent fathers of which there are many in America leave vulnerable daughters to figure it out for themselves. My childrens father was with us for 23 years physically but unfortunately not emotionally. There is a variety of things that can go wrong in life. People women and men all need to value themselves and be cautious about what they do.

So right...

thank you Rolex

Well said. Guys should read this too..

Yeah. You are very, very right. The problem is that guys who think like you are very very very rare and hard to find. I mean, I have a lot of guy friends and none of them talk or think about women or love the way you do. And the other problem is, that once you've been "used and thrown away" it's really hard to feel that you deserve any better. But thank you, Rolex, please continue to educate these barbarous men! ;)

I already read this