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What Really Is Sadness And Worst Life

people cry because they lost there love or are like divorced etc etc etc seriously speaking women face love problems because of there own mistakes ( do read my story what is love ) if u have any obligation to my point .......... u have money to eat , u have motive in ur life , u have somewhere place to spend , u have things from which u can fulfill ur desire i know not all but u can some ,, u laugh sometime , u enjoy sometime ,, u are sad sometime and its awesome too because stability of life depends on two things sadness and happiness always remember this thing .. the most most important thing u look handsome /gorgeous . u have hands ,and mouth and all ur organs are in proper manner ..................... Have u ever notice those people who don't have anything to eat they cry for food for shelter , they spend there life on road , million of them are those whose organs are not proper ,, no happiness in there life just cry cry , they don't have cloths to wear they don't have anything or any motive and they ain't are gorgeous or handsome just cry cry cry ,, do put Ur life and see are u better one or the worst one like them ,,,, do it now ,, put it and u will feel that u are much better having homes ,bf,money to eat , people to laugh with and luxury life's to see ahead .... do it put ur life and there and see it what happens , IF u dont believe that these type of people exists then ask me i will show u the poorest one ,,, selling there kidney to save there last child just selling there kidney so there child could get milk and food from market .. killing there own child because they cant feed there child ........ so what do u think are u better than those or no ...u have minds put ur sadness and compare with there sadnesses are ur one too worst. yes u me and every one sadnesses are zero in front of them when i compare ,,,,,, my dad is dead , i am facing every financial problem but i have some money to eat , my uncle have beaten me since last 6 years and my friends are mean to me but i have shelter however its bad but i have one ,, i am leaving my shelter because my uncle hit my mom and me but still god helped us and we are getting another shelter i have a personality and sincerity and that was blessed by god too .. even i am soo dam disturb now days and faced 6 bad years and no love no friends and watched my mom working as a maid and i cried every single night because of my mom but still i am lucky i have shelter and i have experienced the luxury life too ,, thanks god i know u have made my life too dam difficult but thanks for my personality thanks for every single food i eat and thanks for when every single day i have 700 us in my wallet lol though i didn't spend it till yet he he but thanks ..... thanks god for the luxury room i live in with air conditioner on ... thanks for every thing for the luxury cloths i wear specially the London black suite through wich i dated thousand of girls =D ............................. come to the political and religion views in one single sentence i care for alll humanity ever single person though he or she is a Muslim Christan Indian Buddha ,,, don't forget if any one think negative or hate someone because of these things then seriously u are sick ,, Afghanistan war , Pakistan war , china war or USA war these political leaders just want wars so fk them u don't know when there is a war in country million of innocent children who even don't know what is the meaning of war die ,, pregnant women die ,,, i saw a thousand of pictures of child death in these war just think a 2 year and all blood in his fluffy body who wanted a milk but these political people gave him a bullet ,, million of innocent children die ,and innocent people who don't want war ,,,, u are sitting calmly , enjoying happily eating ,,, consider ur sadness those are stupid excuses to hate life and that goes to me too because me my self also have to think about it i also blame life like u doo alll we all need to think it over and over ... i am very thankful to those who have read this because its a huge story to read imao so thanks a lot : )
rolex928 rolex928 22-25, M 10 Responses Jul 19, 2011

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great story..:)

I agree. when something wrong happens in my life, i try to stay positive about it, and i compare. i think about how i dont have it as bad as others. im grateful that i atleast i have food on the table, a home, my health and God in my life... i know some people around my age who i believe take life for granted, they complain and cut themselves wishing for death when they arent suffering from something half as bad as not having a place to live, food to eat, or dying from something such as cancer. there are people out there who are struggling to live, but dont just sit there and cry. then there are people out there who have a decent life, but for some reason just sit there and cry. which is sincerely unfortunate

This is another great Story Rolex. I am sorry you have had so many difficulties in your life. I have had many in my life also. I believe in the prespective of the big picture. I know I live better than A queen lived in a castle with no modern plumbing. I know there are millions of people who have grave problems like homelessness and being afraid for there lives.

This is another great Story Rolex. I am sorry you have had so many difficulties in your life. I have had many in my life also. I believe in the prespective of the big picture. I know I live better than A queen lived in a castle with no modern plumbing. I know there are millions of people who have grave problems like homelessness and being afraid for there lives.

yup 100% true.............our excuses are stupid for saddness :((

its good that you wrote this story. youre making people aware and thats a good thing. i try to count my blessings in life and i feel a responsibility to be happy here in the material world..

Ahh Rolex, another touching story with a point. I know I have it good compared to many others and I am thankful for that. I have many things to be thankful for at this point in my life and I know it is up to me to make something wonderful out of what I have been given....been listening to a song by Sara Conner called "FROM ZERO TO HERO"....when I find it on the cd in the car I play it over and over and it gives me the lift I need because I think in more ways than one that it has lyrics that are true. We all should just try to be happy and live....its what life should be all about.

Thank you for this, it really puts things in perspective.

you know, we have emotions for a reason. Including sadness. Even if it is that we got our hearts broken. We arent meant to go through life with one emotion. Sadness teaches us. If we look at it closely. <br />
Today I am gloomy, for no reason. I just got up this morning and I felt that way. I can't pinpoint what it is thats making me feel that way. Yeah I posted a story earlier, but that was out of anger of not knowing the cause of my gloominess. So I was reaching inside me. <br />
Just because we have sadness sometimes, dosent mean that we don't appreciate what we have. Or mean that we decide that God isn't being good to us. Hopefully we use it to realize where we messed up and are able to overcome a situation similiar to the one we're in now. <br />
My heart goes out to all those people that don't have what I have. I wish that I had the power to make everything hunky dory for everybody. But, I don't. I only have the power to make things good for me. I dont even have the power to make everything hunky dory for my children. All I can do is make sure I don't end up where I was before. And pray that I'm still walking down the right path. <br />
We shouldnt just brush sadness away because someone else has it worse. we should deal with it, so soon, we'll be strong enough to maybe help some of those that have it worse than us. <br />
Thank you for posting this.

Yeah you are right very good point