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Read It And U Wiill Be Shocked :o

Every one knows Pakistan and where it is located but the thing now i am going to tell u will shock ur mind ,,, we have main three cities Lahore Karachi Islamabad ... Islamabad is a capital in wich no crime is done mostly no terrorism it is much advance then Usa where i am living,,, in Lahore its also normal but IN our major city Karachi which is the most big city target killing has been started .. a target killing is in which any terriost comes and kill any innocent man or women or child he want ... 1000 of target killing have been done but since back two days 38 people have been dead and they were shot and there heads and brains and legs were cut and put in two shopper and dilevered to there loved one with a harmful notes ,,, little kids head are bee en removed ,,, its alll happening because of our leaders especially MQM ,, mQm is a gang party wich is worst than u have ever known his leader ran away from Pakistan and have settled in london and he is controlling alll this from there .... millions of people are hidden in there homes and are crying little kids are watching there dad and mom head removed .. million of people are on the roads with no water and food and all these killing is done because of gaining a power ... karachi the city of light has changed in to something worst ............. on the other hand the riots in London ,,,, and Afghanistan and Baghdad ...... its not about Muslim Christan ,,, Indian ,,, Sikh ,,, catholic ,,,, its about humanity i believe no one can go such far killing there own or other people without no reason only our selfish leaders are after this because power is something wich is toooo dam beautiful in taste and a man can go far far far for having that power ... in any religion a person can hold gun but in no religion a person can fire it at someone only those do who are psycho from there young age .. our president lol have served 20 years in jail and he have done thousand of killing but now he is our president just for the power he have sacrifice and now he is enjoying and making thousand of people sacrifice ..... i hope the world get bettter and the gang war ends up in my country
rolex928 rolex928 22-25, M 29 Responses Aug 18, 2011

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I am back here, to thank you for this post, your courageous call for peace, yes we need unity in the wish for end of war and corruption, for the prevail of love and peace. I know many people wish it, but don't know what they can do it. Caught in the everyday struggle of a manipulated life finds hard if not impossible to cut the strings off. The only way of peace and love is for the people of entire world to unite and stop following those strings. Imagine:10 minutes of no motion on the entire earth. Every human on earth just sitting or laying on the ground to think with kindness of love and peace...Could it make a difference? Hopefully, will awake us. Thank you!!

" in any religion a person can hold gun but in no religion a person can fire it at someone" those are wonderful wise words which should help people of different creeds fraternize instead.

im really sad about this, but i cont belive this.

I am really sad about the situation in your country, only people like you can make a difference, but stay safe. appreciated.

I felt your horror and agony ad I read your story. I pray for you and all people that live in such fear. I pray too all such violence will end.

OHH MY GOD!!!! i feel sad for my neighboring country ... :(

the condition of Karachi is very bad but i think all the cities of our country actually whole country is effected Badly know a days<br />
people stop the bus and get every one down and shoot them without reason.<br />
peoples are being missing and no one is responsible chief justice of our is asking but responsible are saying we dont answer what a country<br />
president take poor people money supreme court want that money to return in country but president say i am Superior<br />
what we see everything is full with corruption<br />
in every city all we sisters daughters and mothers pray when our mans go out we pray till there return witch place is save here in this country not one single spot is clean our ruler who think they are our god fathers are shading our blood on our land <br />
know our land is crying it dont need any more blood

on a lesser degree is it not about power?a boss or husband ship wrecks all to exert power.hitler~power. it's always about power,the mexican's killing their babies,it goes on and safe brother,lie low.

you need to write more,as you have the gift,but go under another name as you will be in grave danger.

Yes !! I agree i am from India And i totally agree with rolex who happens to be my neighbour ! (County wise) Rate up this story guys so this story remains on top

We should send rolex to ur country and he would start praising karachi

every country has its bad parts :|

Wat ever he wrote over here is a lie a big lie....

Well jeeney where do you live?

and how can you say he's lying?

Umer u know its exaggeration....things may be bad but people are living and partying over here.

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So sorry to hear all about this.<br />
<br />
We haven't met. And I can't chat. I'm not a paying member.

This is horrific. I had recieved some news about such events, but really had no idea that all this was on a mass murderous scale.

Its ok to kill to protect yourself and your family......even your property.

Is if im your next door neighbor and you are being raped and robbed and I see what is going on and I have a gun and can kill him to keep him from raping and robbing and you do not have a gun. Do you want me to turn away?

lol stop fighting both of u

Hay thats the fun part of EP....and I love being right..........bbbaaahhhh

Hay thats the fun part of EP and I love being right...........bbbaaahhhhhh

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The atrocities you have described are to be deplored by every person of good will. I pray for peace in your country. Peace will come when enough people truly want it. The reasons that people perpetrate these crimes lie within the personal corruption of the individual. I think your reasoning about this is entirely correct. The solution will only come about because of personal conversion, or restraint of harmful people.

This is extremely disturbing and incredibly sad to read. Wherever I look I see nothing but selfishness and greed and people trampling on others for either more money, more power, or sex. There is corruption in many but a pure heart is stronger, and when the good people who really care have the courage to stand for what they believe in and not be swayed then the true power of humanity begins to take effect. A handful of thugs with guns and a pile of money can only control so many and when they realise that they are outnumbered by the amount of decent people in this world who share the desire for a better planet across the net, then they will begin to realise how small and weak and selfish they really are. Nature is never about the individual, but more the species, and if enough of us are doing the right thing, then although we may suffer, we still have the peace of knowing our future children will be born into a better world.

Well a lot of ppl dont care what is going on in other countries, and if it is a muslim country they care even less or think that "those ppl" deserve what is going on, but in reality ppl have NO idea of what is going on or how terrible it is-

I have to agree with everything you said. It is getting to be that way all over the world now....greed, money and power take precedence over all else. The people suffer.

I wish every cruelty, famine, disease be all gone ! !

That is terrible. Time to fight back. People have been murdered in the name of ideologies throughout human history. It does us no good to discuss the morality of murder. Yes, its wrong and while we may not want to resort to violence, sometimes it is the only option we have left...

BEST ANSWER Crystos. The good need to take up arms and fight back!!

This is sad, I come from a beautiful country but the violence is not bad as this, you get so tired of hearing things getting worse everyday at the end all you wish for is peace -_-

t is a real fear.. Really , I have no words to xplain this cruelty, u r right it shocked me Idk that what's happening in pakistan, all I know its actually beautiful beautiful country.. U right there r no religion that have to blamed, I wish a peaceful world for we r livin No more murderer can b done over anyreason Relgion!, politics! Even for humanity!!<br /><br />
For happened in london is human condition its right,its about , need,anger,and jealousy, such condition that will always b time bomb in every country, just need a flick of fire to blow it<br /><br />
I hope it become an awareness to all of leaders<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Peace and love and hope

HOLD A GUN AND TRY TO SHOOT AT ANY INNOCENT PERSON IF U SUCCEED THEN U DON'T BELONG FROM ANY RELIGION <U> and a devil is who dont belong from any religion. a war going in the world i dont blame it to Muslims or Christan or USA or any other country because no religion teach us to killl remember . its just a devil in some people and they are psycho ..

what horror! People need to know. There has to be a way to stop this. Change in our mind sets is called for. A life is a life and should be treated with the same respect regardless where the person lives prays or even looks. This is wrong.

im having a hard time reading this...... it seems like a interesting read but.... hard to read ....

What?! I need to do more research on this. Wow, you have a very important mission here--- to spread the words here in North America. Let the truth reign. Let the people know.

It IS a flippin disgrace that the leader honcho of this VILE torture group is here in London, I really do have wonder at times at the ethics and morals of those in power!<br />
<br />
What you have described what is going on, is really<br />
is.<br />
<br />
And you are so right, the recent rioting here in England was about in part the human condition, those that have, and the majority that don't.<br />
<br />
I really do think that this World has to start over.......we as humans have messed it up .

holy sh*t i've never heard of such things, i thank my lucky stars and stipres i am in the US! i can't beleive there are so few comments. and i thought my life was hell...

people dont have time to read ,,, but i am tankful that u read dear

I don't understand how no one has commented on this story, I'm sorry to hear about what's happening, and many of us dont know the real horror, we know something is happening but to be honest we dont want to know the details because it scares us. <br />
<br />
i hope the world will get better too :( but whether that will happen or not.. well im not hopeful.