500 Life's Were Gone In 10 Min

2 plane crashes in my city which took 500 people life's . Why does a plane crashes when there is no problem in it and when u have a most experience pilot's.

Very popular quote "when the time is written for u to go from this world no one can stop it , and yet the incident become excuse for the death to come.

landing gears were launch , everything was ok according to the plan , pilot ask the permission from the ground so he can land but he was ask to make a one round more. the plane went for the second round , it will take hardly 10 min but in the mean time clouds showed up from no where, suddenly a lightning strikes the plane and the plane was forced to hit a ground , it looked like a ball coming on to the ground and dam it struck so hard

another plane was coming within a given range, every one should know one thing a pilot can do everything to save the plane but he cannot fight with the clouds and the nature ,, second plane was forced to hit the ground just because of air pressure ,, air burst made the plane down on the ground.

500 life's in 10 min of time ,,,, Death only need a excuse nothing much ,,, before there were no clouds but at the time of the arrival of the plane in the city the cloud showed up from no where ,,, on you tube there is a video of a footballer who was like playing football in the ground with 1000 of viewer's and he just died while running and fall on ground ...

why would a human being is born when he or she have to die one day , ha ha ha ha every one knows there will be a judgement day after our death in which we will be regarded with heaven or hell according to our good and bad deeds ,, if a person is neglecting this point of view that no god exist and in this life we can have or we can do everything we want , then he is doing no harm to u then himself ,, LIFE Is precious LIVE like a legend and die LIKE a warrior . life is not so easy it have certain rules and if u break eve one tiny miny rule then u will be end up grossly,, who says life is easy and enjoyable one if any one say it then he or she is not yet born .

life is not a game for parties for sex for glamour for passion for entertainment for drinking for hangout for fights for arguing for blaming

Life just teach u respect, it teaches u how to live for others , it teaches u how to help others , it teaches u how to thank a god
for what u have in life and for what u dont have is not important , it teaches u not to look at those who are happy but to look
at those who are sad and then u will realize what are u blaming at , it teaches u to to marry a person and to feel that what love reallly is love , (losing virginity before marriage then really u didnt felt what love is ). it tells us to respect our wife's and give all the happiness they need, life teaches us to love our children parents and our siblings , there is nothing more than a family , life teaches us to care for every single human being, life teaches us simplicity ,

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wisdom is not something you 'gain as you age'....but something you 'grow with lessons learned'.

Very profound...

well thought out post. You've been added to my circle. Keep writting you really have a talent for it.



Thank you for your thoughts. I can tell that you are very affected by these terrible events as your story is written with such passion and raw emotion. I very much agree with you. Life is so precious and can be taken from us at any given time. We should all respect our time on earth.. as you so rightly say.

I love your attitude, you have so much figured out and you are so young. I'm very impressed.

Wow. That is very sad about the losses. But god has a plan <3 and I LOVE what you wrote. Very inspiring and very true.

Nice to read something sensible and possitive about life and how one can benifit from viewing it this way. Great thanks.

So many nice and good things to say about life in general Rolex.. thanks honey :) Good thoughts :) God bless you :) It is sad for us on earth about those whose lives were lost but God bless their souls and their state of ecstasy now being with our God :) amen :)

for such a young person...You are very wise.

I always seem to quote movies too much but can not help it sometimes. "The gods envy us for our mortality. You will never again be as beautiful as you are now this moment." - Troy

I always avoid talks about death. But can't avoid Death itself. Thanks for sharing this post.

what city and what year?been so many major events please refresh my memory,powerful story.

Life's greatest certainty is death. Knowing that death awaits us all should make us appreciate life and make the most of it. I totally agree with you, that love is what enriches our lives more than anything else.

i like your thoughts. you have great realizations about life. thanks for sharing this.

Sometimes it takes death for us to appreciate life. I am sorry to hear of this tragedy and will keep the relatives in my prayers. I am so happy your shared your thoughts with us , you have made me think my friend and I thank you for that .

Powerful statement! Thank you...............<br />
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