Before You Add Me...

okay, so, i joined EP in the hopes of finding people who are experiencing or have experienced similar things to those I have. I suffer from mental illness (read my stories if you want to know more) and i'm pretty fragile and sensitive, so please don't add me and then start sending disgusting perverted messages... I an definitely not looking for sex. Also, if anybody out there is not supportive of my efforts or disagrees with me, thats fine, you're allowed to your own opinion, but i would thank you if you didn't voice your disapproval in a forceful or disagreeable manner. As i said, i'm very sensitive, and it would really not help my state of mind. If you can't keep from being disagreeable, please don't add and message me at all.

Liptongal Liptongal
18-21, F
2 Responses May 15, 2012

I would totally steal this from you because I'm exactly the same way. We can talk (:

not adding u or msging u but if u really want a friend u are always welcome in to my circle dont worry i am not a person who is in to sex material ,

... okay cool i would love to talk :)