What u see...

A family..

Happiness and sadness are...

Friends will...

A smile can..

Angels and dreams...



The world can be..

I would say i love u,i m sorry,u are safe to..

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thats really nice.

like ur sentences..thanxs for commenting

What U see is only a mirror image of what one chooses you to see.<br />
<br />
A family that loves each other stays together.<br />
<br />
Happiness and sadness are intertwining Sirens in Life.<br />
<br />
Friends will help you when needed. But true friends will say "Holy s*** that was crazy" while you both lay stretched out on gurneys.<br />
<br />
A smile can brighten up anyone's life.<br />
<br />
Angels and dreams are a blessing for those who seek their comfort.<br />
<br />
Future is fluid; never constant.<br />
<br />
Past memories fade away after a time; they were made that way for a reason.<br />
<br />
The world can be a beautiful place if we all choose to change it for the better together.<br />
<br />
I would say I love u, I'm sorry, you're safe to live your life the way you want. I hope one day you will love me back.