Interesting That Many Girls Would Feel This Way...


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I am a Canadian living in the "Pacific Northwest" part of North America (but not in BC or Canada). I live in Puget Sound (Olympia / Seattle / Tacoma / Everett). 

I have a University degree from a US University. I am self employed, but not as well off as I should be considering my talents etc... I my University degree is in the technical fields. 

My goal is to live in Australia permanently. 

This does include obtaining citizenship and having children. 

Essentially my goal is to remove myself from the USA before it completely and totally collapses.

Bizarrely, Americans are so obsessed with keeping their current power and wealth structures totally intact that not a single American has ever helped me leave the US. If this is any hint as to the future of the US, then total collapse will be here sooner rather than later ... and it will not be pleasant.

Indian and Asian girls, I would like to marry and impregnate them. I would consider impregnating a Canadian girl so that I might return home as there is no future for me in the US not now or ever.


To me, there is nothing hotter than having long, hot, passionate sex with no condom, then at the critical moment plunging in as deep as possible and erupting deep inside a tight *****, keeping my **** buried in her until every drop is deposited deep inside. I love hearing a woman telling me how much she needs to feel me to *** in her.

Even hotter if she is NOT on birth control, letting the primal urge to breed take over and begging for it anyway. That just makes me shoot so hard it hurts, pressing into her as hard and deep as I can, blasting every hot drop straight into her cervix and not pulling out an inch until every drop is deposited deep inside her.

I always like to be inside a girl for as long as possible. I also try to time it so we both *** at the same time, feeling her **** clamping down and milking my ****, her cervix spasming and kissing my knob, dipping over and over again into the huge pool of my *** and greedily sucking up every drop deep into her womb as I spurt. It could be said that I have a impregnation fetish.

I am actually surprised by just how many women out there are willing to **** bareback and gladly let me blow my load in their *******, but I guess that just proves the point that women are just as dirty as us guys! 

I love shooting my ***** inside women. I really want to have children. I prefer generally East Indians and NE and SE Asians. I love women who love creampies.


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Apr 18, 2011