Of Laughing Godless Winds

this is not my mind
these are the flames
of residue thoughts
dripping like
every blooded history
and memory
of graceless forgiving
half caste rites
born as callous vessels
shattered by the too many hearts
sung fallen
into whispers sonorous and pallid
effulgent with polarities
whose opposites lie nervously
like virgin blossoms
before the lust-blaze of dawn
rising sacrificed 
with the pathetic shards
of angelic effusion
petal'd upon the empty fields
of disharmonious chords
where even the sky
stands ajudged
glassy eye'd
in the sockets of dreams
long and long
dead upon the footsteps
of laughing godless winds
41-45, M
9 Responses Jul 9, 2010

Deeply appreciated Hel4u

Oh I'm still a gorilla fella - I just felt like going cosmic for a bit with my avatar - in a sense this what you would see if you could peek into the mind of a wise old gorilla...thank you arianne19

Wow, this was so beautifully written, evokes a lot of emotions. Bravo!<br />
<br />
I noticed your new avatar, is this instinct or just got tired of the gorilla image?

Hi SITO - thank you blessed One<br />
<br />
I s'pose there is a sadness tinged upon this poem...I love your take on its potential meaning - indeed when I write I very rarely begin with a goal and theme - it works best for me if I open myself and just let fly words like river never worrying about the outcome - just remaining open and flowing...what emerges is what emerges and I give thanx for the gift shared<br />
<br />
I read it and reflect and I think the important message i GET is that just like the laughing winds who blow to unknown motivations life in our minds can itself be as fragile and ethereal as the virginity of a blossom who opens to her first sunrise leaving only our perspectives which are the residual left overs only of our ancestral imaginations who in dreams acted as the vessels into which the universe poured her answers to our unborn hope...<br />
<br />
or PERHAPS it is merely the laughter of the winds teasing our jangled emotions...<br />
<br />
I can't say...<br />
<br />
this way I enjoy it when others share their take...<br />
<br />
ciao SITO

8FD ~ you write very well and your words flow smoothly and with style...but I find this poem sad. Was it meant to be that of a spirit seeking out life and then losing it upon the godless winds? Winds can be kind and yet so cruel.Keep in mind that everyone reads a poem different, that is the beauty of it....to take from it what it says to you..I always enjoy reading your writes....I reckon I just took this differently then the rest....Hey! It's Moi!!<br />

you are not my EP mind - you are my universal family who soar upon those laughing godless winds...I am your ever appreciative friend in poetry<br />
<br />
thank you Kitti, maryomaga3 and V

awesome words friend,,,,so deep and so true about thoughts words life is so intense at times on one's minds these days ,,,I feel your fire,,,Love and Light Mary

Oh how I wish my thoughts can come across a page they way yours does , this was so beautiful..thank you so much for posting this

Blessings for your kind support Vignette...your comments are deeply appreciated