i give n i give. i expect only love in return. i guess i aske 4 to much . when my oldest daughter hurts i hurt. when she cries i cry. if she is happy then so am i. but when she is upset hurting n in pain, i get the cold silent treatment r hurtfull words she says.it doesnt matter what is wrong it always seems am the one that gets hurt by things that r said. n all the sh@t n drama has nothing to do w me almost all the time.they say u only hurt the ones u love. well this pain is killing me inside.i cant stand it if she is mad at me even 4 a second. my chest will hurt so bad i can barely breath, my left arm goes numb w pain it hutrs to breath , my heart feels like it will explode inside of me. went to the doctor he gave me meds, n tons of tests to get done, says am under way to much stress n its messing w my heart. i give my daughter everything i can i never say no. its usually great between like best friends, but when she is hurting am the one that gets the blame. i feel like a failure, i have noone to blame but me.
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Just because you are her mother doesn't mean she wants to share EVERYTHING with you. You need to give her space and when she's ready maybe she'll share. Maybe she won't. You have to respect her decision. <br />
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You are under too much stress. You need to change the things in your life that overwhelm you. Baby steps. That's what I'm doing. Its scary, though I can no longer live with the alternative. I too suffer physically from too much stress.