Just One

Thats all i want, just one person to be like me, to know what its like and not just say it cause they feel bad or maybe THINK they know what ive been through, i want one person to understand me for me, i want one person to hold me high when i feel down, just one person to hold me and hug me and tell me its going to be okay, one person who that when they make a promise they keep it, somone just someone i have  with me and be with cause i care about them, i want them, and truly feel and know that i need them, i want to be their everything, i want to be a someone to someone that means something to me, everyone says im a someone but i always thought  of myself as a nobody and if you disagree well then its just another few hour fight of how everyones out to prove to me im a nobody, maybe anymore id rather be a nobody and have my somebody show me im a somebody instead of everyone tryin to tell me that i am a somebody, maybe i can just find the one that will show me
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

to thatongy89 and everyone else who commented on this post. by having these feelings you have proved ur heart is open to the possibility for that person to come and make you feel everything u want it's just a matter of waiting. and i undrstand that is the most difficult part hen everyone around you appears to have that all the people on the street, believe me i do but have faith it will come because i know it will. from the bottom of my heart i can see ur all amazing people and who will find that person and let me tell u that u will be the centre of their universe. to them you will be everything and moe. their air, their reason for living. i know i may seem extremely optimistic but in the mean time you all have eachother and if you need to talk i'm here. help and support eachother and my friends one day you will find that happiness with the person of your dreams and you can share that happiness with the friends you forge here. *hugs*

it's so hard.... i feel like those words came right out of my head. Sometime i wonder though.... do i see myself as a nobody because.... i really am? Or because its easier when no one has any expectations of me? Or because its easier when I don't have any expectations for myself?