am thinking about leaving ep 4 awhile. i use to love going on n checking my mail, seeing story comments n all that. now it seems like people i once was close to we drift apart.  i still have a few special ep friends who i love n talk to n would really miss. ep seems more like a popularity contest to me now. am unsure, maybe i just need a break.
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4 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Its only a forum it's not real life. If people have trouble coping on here they must have real problems coping with real life issues. I dont understand why people get stressed out over a simple forum

I'll miss you while you're away, though if you need to get refreshed I understand. I don't want EP to stress you out.

I think EP has done some changing...and some peeps have left.. but I don't get a sense of a popularity contest... at least not from my point of view. I think it can vary on here from time to time.. with a variety of peeps passing through and some great ones remaining for the long haul.<br />
Im sorry you are feeling out of sorts here.<br />
Hugs to you!!<br />
xo<br />

i get what u mean, but i think it depends on who the friends are, because there are some who will always be there. u just have to find them! But its ur choice! hope everything works out for ya! :)