Don't Say It About Them, Say It To Them.

i've read a few stories lately where people have written about other members in a derogatory way and used the members names or initials, which i thought was prohibited by ep. if you can take the time to write a unflattering story about someone, why can't you take the time to send that person a PM and say to their face what your problem is? calling out people by name in your stories is just chickenshit in my book. don't be scared; if you can say it ABOUT them then you can say it TO them.
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12 Responses Nov 2, 2010

you tried to communicate with that person, gave it your best shot and that's all you can do,CB.

ok I was speaking awhile to this person on ep but I wasn't so trusting a few things didn't sit right with me about them.I blocked them then thought about it for a day & unblocked them & sent a message telling them honestly what I thought & giving them a chance to explain.Well I got no answer & they blocked me.It has left me feeling sad.I don't know if they are saying bad things about me but I don't care.The friends on ep I have know who I am & thats what matters.

hmm i thought it applied to stories/group names as well.

By the way, I think the prohibition against using names only applies in confessions.

i can understand being curious about being blocked and not getting an explaination but i wouldn't lose any sleep over it either. i say **** on them.

I agree. And I've had similar experiences with being blocked.

the person that blocked you, charles, sounds familiar. could be one of the yahoos that blocked me lol

i don't think a lot of people care much about the feelings of others, unfortunately. there was a good deal that i wanted to tell a particular someone the other day but they blocked me before i had the chance LOL! i'll have to move faster next time :)

i think it fits as well as any other i can think of lol

i agree that chickenshit is the appropriate word to use for this behavior.

that's right, evolving. say it to them or shut up lol<br />
<br />
thanks, tzombie. i've always been fond of that word. unfortunately it describes too many people i've encountered in my life.

....and if you can't say it to them, then you shouldn't say it at all. Great thoughts!