It Works Both Ways.

if you don't want me to judge you by what you do and what your interests are, then don't judge me by what i DON'T do, ok? certain ep members complain that they are judged on their sexual interests, for example, yet don't hesitate to judge others that aren't overtly sexual and don't have a sex laden profile yet they proclaim on their profiles to be non judgemental. i think that makes you a hypocrite whether you realize it or not and don't be mad because not everyone is like you or wants to be, for that matter. we're all different, isn't that what makes the world go round?
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thank you :)

It seems to me that there are only three authorized judges of me and my actions, me, my God, and my boss (insert wife here).

i should say that there are exceptions to the rule such as being judgemental of the ep member(s) that have an unusual fondness of little girls, for example, because i can't look at people like that without a critical eye. like you, tao, my emotions have a way of getting the better of me.

blind and a "dirt" pig i'm sure lol. people often don't see the wrong that they do.

it's too funny how those that say they are judged can't see that they themselves do the same thing. i just came across a story where the author says people are so quick to judge yet he had no problem getting on a person that commented on his story. he must be blind if he can't see the irony.

it's really bad when the judgement comes from those that swear they aren't judgemental. yeah whatever.

I dont judge , I like everyone till they give me a reason not to. As long as you are happy and not hurting anyone , treat everyone with the same respect youd like to get! Im a good listner I hardly ever get to talk about me thats ok I guess.!

i think some people don't realize that they're a hypocrite until someone points it out for them. funny how we see everyone elses flaws but not our own, for the most part.

It most certainly does work both ways; don't let yourself forget it. There's nothing wrong with your beliefs unless they are wrong to you. Good luck with the judgemental hypocrites. lol