New Year's Eve Alone

I'm a loser, I guess. Every New Year's eve is quite the same - my parents, my flat, me and the computer in front of me.
Every year there are great plans but somehow every year it ends like this. This year my friends are going to another city to their friends and of course I'm not invited.
It's a BIG holiday in our country, so everyone's talking about it all the time, about presents, about places where they're going to. Moreover, they ask me! And what can I say? Just mumble "well.. at home, with parents". Fun, huh?
I'm starting to hate this holiday. I'll just go to bed =/
thepictureofmylife thepictureofmylife
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3 Responses Dec 24, 2011

Doubt this will help much but i spent new years pretty much like you did, watching t.v. at my parents. The worst part like you said is when people ask you what you're doing for new years after they tell you their big plans.

i usually work on the holidays so mine are ho hum too, nothing special other than getting holiday pay on my check which i can always use.

I would really like to work but my company doesn't give that possibility. So I'll just turn on some film and will watch it :)

You are not loser...Why dont you plan a great day with your parents? Do something creative to spend year ending memorably and make some resolution for coming year.<br />
Well, I'm alone too, I am going to make some plans for myself..hope you feel better...

The thing is that my mom and I live with my father only because there's no other way. So happy family holidays are not for us. Anyway he'll spoil everything.
Thank you :)