Is It Because Of Me?...

if you know some one you love .. and you thought this relations it all what you got .. after while you discover this person has multirelations can you become forgetable person? this is what happened to me at the first i thought its only me but after while discover there is many people , numbers , emails , when i discuss this subject   
i get the blame like i dont trust " and its really hard , i even hacked the email i know this is not good and to be honest i dont care but i made it just because i m not making it up , i do what i feel , and what 100% know . so after all this i still become this bad person who dont have trust .. so what should i do i cant just leave becuase its not relation 1 day or 2 its 4 years and i am really tired and imagine when i become mad i learned to leave for few days without calling or meeting this person becuase i wanna take break but again i take the blame for leaving ... i feel little confused .
just wanted to write about it
Angel0on Angel0on
22-25, M
Dec 29, 2011