No, You Don't Know It All

don't tell me that i've been reprimanded by ep when i haven't, don't tell me that my stories have been removed, don't tell me that i have edited comments when i haven't. what you need to do is get some business, get a life and stay out of mine and try giving ep a break for a change. the way some people are so wrapped up in this site and what goes on here can't be very healthy. i wonder if there is a 12 step program for the ep obsessed? there needs to be!
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i don't get that either. if i felt so unfairly treated by ep i know i wouldn't stay here. she just wants something to ***** and moan about, play the martyr role.

and come off like a know-it-all militant who is going to set EP straight and teach them a lesson. People like that are clearly so delusional.

she reminds me of another ep member that thought he was so "groovi" that he could change the face of ep. i just don't care about things like that and won't get that wrapped up in here.

i know the nut you're referring to, she's still at it? how pathetic she is wanting to blame everyone for her troubles but never takes any accountability herself. ep should have put her on permanent suspension. really, i can't understand why anyone who feels they are treated so unfairly would even want to remain here.

you're right, ladyblue, and especially the point you make about people believing that they are the victim of some sort of conspiracy when in fact people just don't like what they've said and vote down their comments. easier to belive that a band of trouble making trolls are after you rather than people not wanting to hear what you're saying.<br />
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yes destiney, you know this whacko very well and she does need a life, she needs something besides obsessing over what goes on at a website. it must be nice to have absoulutely nothing else to do with your time.

Especially when you are as hot, sexy, and slutty, as she claims she is. When people say things like that it makes me wonder what they are really like. I imagine a sad, lonely, homely, 300 lb. woman with 20 cats sitting at her computer all day on EP and searching **** sites for pictures she can copy and put on her profile to convince people she is something she isn't.

i wonder about that too lol. this is the internet and people can be whatever they want, describing themselves in ways that aren't necessarily accurate.



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the person i had in mind for this story, she is desperate to think, to want others to be in trouble with ep the way she's been herself so that's why she said that some of my stories are locked up in "ep jail" and that they made me edit a certain comment. i've definitely edited no comments and no stories are in jail and i wouldn't care if they were since what happens here is not an obsession for me as it is for her. and ep is a way of life for some and it's sad. day or night, log on and you'll find certain individuals here year round.

I'm pretty sure I figured it out. It amazes me how some people think they should be able to make the rules everyone else should have to follow, but they should not have to follow rules made by anyone else. It also amazes me that they are often so certain that their interpretation of a rule is completely correct, but the interpretation of the rule by the person who wrote the rule isn't. I also think that people who believe that when their stories and comments aren't liked they are the victim of some kind of conspiracy are delusional and refuse to accept that more people may be reading their stories and comments, and those people actually may not like what they have written so they respond accordingly. I also think its interesting that someone who writes a story about a girl sleeping with her brother and his girlfriend doesn't equate that with ******. Its obvious that some people have convinced themself that they are far more intelligent than they really are, and they are not going to let anyone point out why it isn't true. Also, I haven't seen any of your stories deleted and anyone who falsely claims that in writing should be sued for libel - LOL.

I know what you mean. I was accused by that Marcona idiot, and others, of deleting stories and comments, and having stories removed when it just isn't true. They "assume" (LOL) things that they don't know are true so they can attack you with it. <br />
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I was so surprised to come here recently and see how many people were hanging around here and writing stories and comments on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Now maybe some don't celebrate Christmas, but most still enjoy the holidays in one way or another. This seems to have become their life.

amen to that! there are some here that should pay ep rent because they've made their home here lol. and they have nothing better to do but try to stir up trouble for others, get people in trouble with ep just because they are. misery does love company.