Females Should Have The Right To Vote Dammit!!!

There is an individual on here who believes that female suffrage has been devastating to society and that most of the worlds problems are the result of women voting! I am not making this up people!
To make matters worse he is actually supported by a group of mens rights activists.
Today is international womans day and I am asking any and all people who disagree with this notion to please make yourself heard. I find him and his group vile and hateful.
I have read Warren Farrell books on mens rights back in the 90s and I actually agreed with some of what Farrell had to say, but more importantly Farrell was respectful and most certainly wasnt cruel and misogynistic like these new mens rights activists.
I implore all who read this and agree to visit "I believe female suffrage to be a disaster"and voice your opinion. Thank you.
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people who think woman shouldn't have rights are in a minority : P

even fresh rights issues that aren't decades old are easily overturned by feminist positions.

it seems to me the only fronts that woman still have uneqaul footing in his the eqaul-payment issue. Although there's still a few reasons for the pay gap, they're actually diminishing. I don't know enough about the issue to say whether or not the pay gap is diminishing in equality with the increasing work of the average working woman but it does seem like there's issues left.

<p>Getting past the emotional appeals and bully attacks, here are two excellent discussions of this issue. One is serious and scholarly, the other is more comic but right to the point:</P><br />
<p>http://www.law.uchicago.edu/files/files/60.Lott_.Suffrage.complete-25633.pdf</P><br />

The guy sounds like a knob

There are lot's of looney ideas and "people" on EP lately. How could anyone be so stupid as to think just because women vote as they should and have the right to, that is the reason everything is in the toilet?? What's next? limit who can vote because of nationality, race, color of clothes??? Death Camps?? Who does he think obamama is Hitler?

Maybe since we men have screwed up for so long, it is time that ONLY women get to vote. I would prefer to continue to vote myself, but if one gender is excluded, we men have been getting it wrong for a lot longer.

Let's put it this way: there are idiots everywhere. And there is unfortunately little cure for stupidity...

yes its difficult to communicate with someone who lives in the 16th century

Jane, it's not in your best interest to get this wound up over what one person says on this topic. The fact is Greenbare founded that group. He invited me and probably all the other MRAs to join it. None of us have. Only a few people have joined it, some of them women. Instead of having your blood pressure raised about one person's stance on this topic, you should be happy that it has attracted negligible support. <br />
<br />
It is wrong for you to imply that he is supported on this by the MRAs. And of course Dente could not resist the temptation to use this as an opportunity to call us women-haters. Greenbare speaks for himself. I like some of what he says, some of it very much. He has said some very apt stuff lately in the I Want To Improve The Experience Project group. Some of what he says I have openly taken issue with or contradicted. Some of what he says makes my jaw drop, and I know for a fact I am not alone in that among the MRAs. He doesn't say anything that he says because he thinks he has a blank check from the MRAs. He is not anybody who can be controlled or managed, that's for sure. So please do not continue to misrepresent things.

Speaking of misrepresenting things and failing to put things in perspective, I suggest a dose of your own advice be taken by you!

Typical harassment from her.

harassment??? coming to a story and attacking me without provocation and then calling my defense harassment....lmao too funny

Ignorance runs rampant in this group of so called anti women "men" I personally think they have huge defects in character and intelligence and like to subjugate women in an attempt to hide those flaws.
Conceptualclarity [The so-called "attack"]
And of course Dente could not resist the temptation to use this as an opportunity to call us women-haters.
Speaking of misrepresenting things and failing to put things in perspective, I suggest a dose of your own advice be taken by you!
Typical harassment from her.
harassment??? coming to a story and attacking me without provocation and then calling my defense harassment....lmao too funny
Viewing the above, who did the attacking?

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Ever seen that video on YouTube where some guys go around an American women-only university (no, sisters, it's not sexist when we do it... ummmm?) with a petition to end women's suffrage... and the girls there are lining up to sign it? They hear 'women' and suffer' and that's the limit of their knowledge and understanding. <br />
<br />
All my life i've heard feminists' shrill, shrieking voices, their anthem of hate and envy, and their self-serving sophistry. Been there, worn the T-shirt... and sent it back. You fooled me once, and for quite a while, but no more. Frankly, these days, it just sounds kind of sad... like a corpse on a respirator.

Funny "a corpse on a respirator"... I can think of someone's rhetoric fitting that rather well!

Oh wow, if i could see the relevance of whatever you're trying to say, i bet it'd put me in my place. No, wait... a Man already did that, thank goodness.

Now, if you'd care to address what i wrote, then we can begin

You say... "You fooled me once, and for quite awhile, but no more." Why do you believe you were fooled and what makes you so certain you are right now? I am asking respectfully.

If there was any substantive material in your monologue I would certainly discuss it. However I found hyperbole and metaphor, some sort of ancedotal fallacy which was really more than just logical fallacy but never really elaborated on to any depth. I'm sorry.

"You say... "You fooled me once, and for quite awhile, but no more." Why do you believe you were fooled and what makes you so certain you are right now? I am asking respectfully." Can you hear the crickets? I think that answers your question - LOL

sweetie, i was babbling feminist buzz-words and sophistry before you could walk... so tell me about 'substantive material'. The simile (not metaphor) is valid, hyperbole is not automatically misleading, and there can be no illogisms because i draw no conclusions (hypotheses non fingo). Now, if you really need to discuss something, view the YouTube clips and discuss why 40 years of rhetoric has changed... nothing

Just because you ask a question doesn't mean it needs to be answered. Get used to the crickets... later in life you'll be hearing them constantly. LOL

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i'm honored to be included :) what's so funny to me is that for someone who claims to have such a fulfiling life, he sure has a lot of time on his hands to block and follow people around on a website, ranting and raving. i don't think his life or the lives of other so called mens rights activists are all they claim them to be.

I agree, and if you read what they write it becomes obvious. They live in sexless marriages, can't get a woman they want, can't stay married, seem to like men much more than women, but supposedly aren't gay, spend all their time watching and listening to "men are great, and feminist and women's lib. are bad" videos and radio broadcasts, or peeing and walking around naked in public . . . but they have a great life. Yeah sure (eyeroll) dream on fools.

*nods in agreement* actually i had blocked knightrunner first after a friend told me that he was reposting my stories, but then i unblocked him

There's only one nudist MRA on EP. Not much of a correlation. And I don't remember any in sexless marriages.

Jerrica you got blocked by knig? Ha! Your in good and apparently growing company! Let me just say...I was the first person to enjoy this privledge and speaking from experience knig is a special breed of the block button brigade...he likes to block people and then follow them around responding to your comments and stories...enjoy it you will never get more attention from someone as you will by knig when he blocks you!

If you look at the progressive movement and the trajectory of the nation it is true that more attractive men who lie have a better chance of getting elected since women's suffrage began. <br />
<br />
For instance take Social Security and Medicare. These programs are designed in a way that the cost will outgrow the revenue they take in. Women have historically voted for candidates who offer protection and a social safety net even if it doesn't make sense when you look deeper into it. <br />
<br />
Women have voted for more protective government which has also given us more control over our lives. There is a difference between young women and older women. Women who are married often vote conservative candidates. <br />
<br />
Women have different priorities than men. They look for others to protect them while men take care of their own protection. <br />
<br />
Look at the statistics and analyze them instead of just insulting people you disagree with. I suppose, though, that is too much to ask from women.

Do you see the bizarre circular logic here? At least at first, these women you mention were voting for MEN! I know plenty of big government men... like the current US President. It's too bad you 've been flagged. I like to see people prove their own ignorance.

*poors glass of wine for immaculate consumption*

Here penn...

It is amazing how little people understand. Your response shows me that you don't understand that elections are decided by close margins. It's not that one sex always votes one way or the other but that they are more likely to vote one way over the other.

The basic argument is that women are more susceptible to Machiavellian politicians than men are.

I actually think that is untrue that we wouldn't have certain issues. For instance I am against abortion but it was made legal not by any election but by unelected judges. Men often want divorce as badly as women and I have no idea why you would think a son, father, brother or husband would be untrammeled by the concerns of women in general. We certainly wouldn't be a bunch of feminists but that doesn't mean we can't be reasonable. You claim that men would create a society "but then we'd have a society that was somewhere between Saudi Arabia and the Roman Catholic Church." Why do you think that? Do you think it is good that women get what they want?

Plentyofzig. You're wrong. There were laws passed to benefit women before nationwide women's suffrage. I say this not to support Greenbare but to rebut your defamation of men.

Yeah but that is a very specific sub set of men with a very wrong world view. In fact I would probably end up in a fight with one of those bastards if I ever met them.

That's kind of the same as saying all blacks like to degrade white women. I know a few who do but nothing is universal.

In fact it would be more like saying all men are like Hitler. Would you say that? No because not all men are like Hitler. Men in the united states were never like Saudi Arabian men. In fact, Saudi men weren't even as bad as they currently are only two or three generations ago. It is the oil money filtered into Wahhabist Madrases that have taught those men to be like that.

That's right!!! Lets turn society on its ******* head to accommodate lesbians!!!

Are you ******* kidding me?

You have no sense of history. People like you have always wanted to pass laws based on societal outliers instead of the core of society. That results in laws that are absolutely detrimental to the core of society.

It is very simple. If you give women more and more power and try to make them independent then they will act more and more independently. That does not bode well for any social structure where women need to obey or are expected to sacrifice their own desires for the well being of a group. (Like oh I don't know but off the top of my head I might say a family.)

Instances is exactly the word. One or two really ****** up situations. At the same time you are giving that power to a central national government, police or whatever else.

It used to be that women were sometimes beaten by their husbands but now men are often beaten by cops. Cops have become the new authoritarians. They do crazy things all the time and now the supreme court has ruled they can ***** search you if they arrest you for any reason.

The search for feminine equality is linked to the decline of our society.

It is true that this whole business of regulating society as a whole by seizing upon outliers is corrupt and pernicious. Plentyofzing, you perceive correctly I have much fondness for non-feminist women, and I will bear with feminist women if they don't insist on wearing their feminist hat all the time.

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I wanted to comment individually on some of the very valid points made above, but sadly my pc won't allow me to do anything very much this evening, so suffice to say that I agree with pretty much everything that has been written about this idiot, and all those like him.

Ignorance runs rampant in this group of so called anti women "men" I personally think they have huge defects in character and intelligence and like to subjugate women in an attempt to hide those flaws. <br />
What blows my mind is the women who believe in this.

Im sorry that all this confuses you. I wish i could help resolve and confusion.

Look who is still following me around responding to my posts from a month ago. I think he must have a crush, lol!

Annikin... I've not flagged you, ever. Your issue lies within yourself.

these so called MRA's do their share of malicious flagging. if not, i doubt that people like lilt and myself would have our comments voted down to -8 and -10, for example

I'm confused about u and your general blah groups...such as you believe in equality and you believe men should lead the household...traditional gender roles but u love equality....and u see marriage as a trap for man. You hate Fems but you want man power. You lose merit to any arguments u make because u contradict yourself....especially because u think you are a knight. Haha. You love fairy tales too...
Once upon a time there was this site and on this site there were many little creatures called women haters. They hated women, gays, races, and strong opinionated people(especially women) who had voices that made these so called men look weak. Soooo they decided to block, whine, and poke at the views of these strong people until they couldn't out argue anymore. These poor women haters/fem/life haters would sulk. Then they decided to make groups for men like them and they thought theyd become strong like knights. Until the dragon natalie123 ate them up.. Everyone lived in peace happily ever freakin after. The dragon got heartburn. THE END


"What blows my mind is the women who believe in this." I'm honestly starting to doubt that they are women. I think they are dual personalities that some of those men have created to make it seem as if some women support their views. The things those supposed women say are so similar to what some of the men in that group say, and the way that they say it, that its really making me think they are fake personalities created by those men.

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Cowards are universal, and commenting down -- wow, passive aggression as a group. Impressive ;). Cowards would never act as a pack, right? ;). Thanks for initiating this -- great entertainment at the expense of those unwilling to pay!

I got you beat, Jerrica. I am a -10.<br />
This activity is as ridiculous as their views.

lol. i saw that earlier, lilt! and you are right about them being ridiculous. you know, i've had my issues with men, true, but these guys make the guys i've known look like angels, perfect gentleman. at least the men in my past weren't sexist pigs or nowhere close to what these clowns are lol

One of my friends made a very wise observation...she said they have their say on EP, because they would never do it in the real world. They would surely get their *** kicked. I hope that none of us ever have to encounter such hate and hostility.

i think your friend is correct and if i ever encounter anyone like this offline, it's on. lol

Im an over the road truck driver. I will be glad to sit down and politely discuss our views anytime. So long as you live in the lower 48.


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i see the sexist pigs and their sympathizers have down voted all of our comments. i'm at - 8 myself. gor for it if it makes you feel better. that's about all you can do to me, losers lol

I know, they are cowards.
They believe they are hiding our comments, as if folks aren't smart enough to click on the show link. lol
I had no idea current mra's were such misogynists. It makes me sad.

no kidding lol. what is down voting comments really going to accomplish? if that's supposed to hurt me, they'd better come up with something else because i just find it funny. they'd probably vote down these replies if they could lol. these men aren't activists, they're haters plain and simple.

Yeah, he's an equal opportunity hater. I just saw that he hates gays too.<br />
What a surprise.

Yes I know, he is extremely anti gay. He is ignorant regarding most issues, sad.

he is one of the most repugnant people i've encountered here at ep and that's saying a lot! he and his fellow sexist pigs.

No jane your wrong, he quit MENSA cause he was too smart for them!

You are generous to even refer to him as a person lo l

omg i think i know what guy ur talking about he told me he was part of mena since he was 11 ........ i never belived one word he said....

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I sent our friend a little comment asking how he was going to celebrate International Women's Day. He deleted it. :-)

haha! i'll bet he deleted it. what a hater lol

That figures, the coward!

I can't comment on how Greenbare plans to celebrate. Its just going to be another day for most people in the world. I don't know what day it is. I dint even know there was such a day until christyomisty posted a video about it. You should check out her videos. She is a very intelligent highly rational lady. You would like her.

much to the chagrin of those sexist pigs, i doubt that a woman's right to vote will be taken away anytime soon lol. too bad, boys; suck it up and deal with it. what galls me is that these "men" complain about misandry when they are clearly misongynists *rolls eyes*

I know! Its amazing to me that they can spout so much hate towards women and then turn around and whine about misandry.
Thank you so much for all of your support Jerrica.

and thank you for yours :) their whining about misandry, that's the classic double standard that men have perfected for you. in their world, it's ok to spew hate but women had better not do it. do as i say, not as i do. whatever!