We Feel The Same

I love how you trusted me with your secret. I'm sorry it didn't work out but there's better guys out there for you. I love how you trusted ME with that secret. I hope I can help you more in the future. We've been opening up to each other and that's really cool. I hope this doesn't bring out any sadness in me, even though it already has. You are such a cool person! I've definitely liked you as a person more!
But... I'm deathly afraid that if I'm not too careful, I'll fall for you. Whether or not catch me is another story, but if it doesn't work out... :( I'm too afraid to find out. First off, I don't see us being too compatible. You're a little rough around the edges for me and I don't know if we'd strengthen each other, or you'd bring me down and perhaps I, you. I'm scared of messing something up between us. I realize we both miss that physical intimacy of relationships but that alone is a bad idea just to be with someone. There HAS to be more!
I pray for the both of us. Whatever happens with us, I pray you find happiness away from me...
UnderstandsNothing UnderstandsNothing
18-21, M
Nov 27, 2012