My Selfish Heart

if any of use that read this have read any of my other stories about my daughter u know some of what she has gone thru. but 4 those who havent, i will tell a brief story about it. my daughter married a total *******, had 2 great kids. got smart n left him. well the courts say to prove she is independent she needs to live on her own. not w/ me. her own mother who loves her more then life. anyway, she got an apartment, found out yesterday. its a cute place, only ten min, away from me. but it tore me apart. broke my heart. i cried like a baby. even though i know i will see her all the time. n she has to do this 4 my grandkids. i feel selfish, i cant stand the thought of her not being w/ me. if it was up to me, she would stay w/ me 4 ever. she is scared, doesnt want to go either. but has to 4 her kids. she is my world. why is it so hard to let her go? when she left before i cried 4 months even though i saw her just about everyday. i feel like a selfish mother.

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Feb 12, 2010