Coded Language

An expression or utterance marked by a deliberate contrast between apparent and intended meaning. This is how irony is defined. 

Perceive or detect a hidden meaning. This is how to read in between the lines.

Fear of expressing oneself, not knowing how to talk about it. This is when to listen to what is not being said.

It is almost a psychological war between you and your audience, your reader, where the intellectual and emotional aspects of your relationship is tested. Are they able to distinguish the irony of your words? Are they able to detect the hidden meaning of your stories? Are they able to listen to what you are not saying?

It is a bit sad to observe this. Perhaps it's the elusiveness or the mystery that shrouds life. Countless times I have done so, but only a few times, a handful of friends would know, and would realize.

Have you?

Sylphy Sylphy
41-45, F
18 Responses Feb 13, 2010

*whacks Dean*... the coded language is not meant to be a game... sheez... there are just some things that are not easy to say... it's trying to say those things, but can not... whether fear of rejection or misunderstanding... there are just matters that is hard to express...<br />
<br />
It's like poets... they never really say what they mean... you always have to dissect for you to grab its significance... hence, different interpretations... it need not be just the ladies, Dean... we all do it... but it takes skill and patience to see and hear beyond what is shown or what is told...<br />
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Men... *whacks Dean again*...

Then you are blessed with friends who know and understand you... kindred souls... a must keep!...

Hi Scoobs... you surprised me... *hugs*<br />
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Then you would fall under the third meaning of coded language:<br />
"Fear of expressing oneself, not knowing how to talk about it. This is when to listen to what is not being said"...<br />
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Your friend, the one you mentioned from your other story... takes special time to listen to what you are NOT saying... just like you need time to look at those illusion images... bless his/her soul... but it's got to be a her... just a feeling... *winks*...

I think, with me its the not knowing how to express what I want to express. I try. I fumble. I get it out. At least I think I do but then it turns out maybe I didn't. It is there, but I guess you just have to look sometimes like those illusion pictures. Slightly unfocus your eyes and you can see it. And once you do, you can't not see it.

You're speechless, DV?? That has never happened before for you on EP! LOL ;)

I tried to think which group and I've searched and searched...can't seem to find the right one...and somehow this seemed perfect. LOL Thanks, Bells...*hugs*

HAHA...You know I just noticed that...<br />
<br />
What can I say,it needed to be said what you couldn't say and wanted read..<br />
<br />
hehe ;)

And did you notice the irony of this which group I've posted it, ay?

I know that feeling to...It sucks not being able to come right out and say how you feel about a situation..I guess that's life.<br />
<br />
<br />
In these situations they are on their own to get a clue LOL ;)<br />

It does, Bells, it does make sense. But there are times when you can't just say it straight out. Probably because of fear of what the other person may respond or it chicken...but there are times I don't have the guts. :(<br />
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LOL Bonnie...I know what you're saying...those never-ending questions...but it only means they're either nosy or very interested. Hmmm...;)<br />
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*hugs to you both* and thanks*

Sylph and Bella, you both make lot of sense. I can read heart and soul words and that's all that matters. People do miss what we are trying to say, but it's their problem not ours. <br />
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Not going any further, I better before some one start to quiz me to no end. That's the problem around here, no matter how you clarifies there is always a question of "What do you mean by that?" It will never end....

I am not good at reading between the lines at times...There are also times when I think people miss what I am really trying to say also,and it upsets me a bit...<br />
<br />
There are many reasons for this though and sometimes it's not really about how much they love you.I guess we just need to come out and say what we want ,that way there can be no misunderstandings..<br />
<br />
Make sense ?

Hmmm...does that mean they don't love me??? Waaahhhh....

Yes, exactly ... if you really loved me ... you'd understand me without me having to explain ...

Isn't it oddly funny that we do this? I think it's challenging the other person how much they really know us, or how much they really care. Because if they care that much then they would take time to 'analyze' us. Thanks, Bliss... :)

I understand you sylph ... but then I'm a woman too!! I do this vague and hinting at what my problem is an awful lot ... expecting people to understand what's going on in my head ... even I annoy me a lot of the time!!

LOL! :D You said that; not me..........but yeah, men can be so terrible at times. Drives me nuts! ;)

So what are you really saying here Sylph? ? <br />
<br />
Oh I think I get it. You are saying men are terrible at understanding women?