A Smile

the other day i stopped at burger king to get my 4 yr. old grandson a kids meal. when i gave him his food n he looked in the bag n saw the toy was spider-man,(which he loves) he goes meemaw( THATS WHAT MY GRANDKIDS CALL ME) u got spider- man just 4 me. i look at him w/ that great big smile on his face n said of coures just 4 u. he goes meemaw thank - u thank- u, u got it 4 me, its great. such a simple thing, but it made him so happy n me. we should all as adults be so happy  w/ lifes simple things.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

So true. Often lifes "simple things" are the best things and we get so busy we overlook them. I , too, have grandchildren and they often remind "grandmama" to stop and enjoy the little things that bring a smile or a laugh.