am a horrible mother, i know it. my daughter is moving out on monday, n i cant bare, it. it is tearing me apart inside. i can feel the pain it is so much to bare. what kind of mother am i that i dont want here to leave? when its something she must do 4 my grandkids so she can get full custody of them . get them away from that ******* she married. i'am so selfish. so i try to smile, but my daughter can see my pain. moving only 11 min. away. yes, i timed it. i know i will see her all the time. 4 i'am the one who cooks n will clean 4 her, as i have done in the past when she was married. but its not the same. i love her so much. i know its not right, but i want her here, am a ****** mother, i never want to let her go again.

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

You're a mom ,who loves her daughter and would miss her when she leaves..<br />
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Nothing wrong with that at all...You helped her through a terrible time,it's that protective instinct kicking in,probably thinking if she's there with you ,then you can take care of her better...<br />
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You're a good mom....Even though you feel this way,you're letting her do what's needed