On My Mind

am thinking of everything i need to do today, but am sitting here on e.p. am thinking of who the rage i feel inside is already taking over me. am thinking of all the lies i have ever been told, like time heals all wounds, thats such bull. it will get better, well how do u know that?! am thinking i want to scream but i have already done that. so i guess i will just go 4 know n start my busy day. hopefully the way i feel will not stay w/ me all day.

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

put a fav song on and change your mood - et voila happier days

So what can you focus on that is positive in your life? Me? The coming of spring with the buds of new flowers breaking ground. Watching the birds spin about to build their nests. Awaiting the migration of the humming birds. Looking out on a dark night and seeing all of the stars.. (In Virginia the Big and Little Dipper as well as Mercury are quite prominate). Umm.. my dog who at this very moment is laying atop my foot. Seeing the emergence of a new bud on one of my orchids. Looking thru a cookbook to come up with something new for dinner (I do all of the cooking in my household).. Umm.. oh. and making a new friend on EP. Bill <br />
p.s. Does that give ya something to think about?<br />
p.s.s I made it a rule to comment on a new friends story! Not being critical at all!