Can I Scream?!?

I'd love to scream, if I could. 

I've got a toothache, because, as always in the week before my period, my back-right wisdom tooth is acting up.  It never, ever fails.  There must be some sort of relation between getting your period and wisdom teeth.  It has broken the skin in one tiny place, but the entire tooth is taking it's sweet *** time to come in, so I imagine I've got at least another year of this to look forward to, as if eight years hasn't been enough.

My ex-fiance, who was once my best friend absolutely refuses to speak to me.  I guess talking on the other night was a bad idea...  He has every right to hate me for breaking up with him.  I broke his heart.  I am a horrible person.  I was definitely not put on this planet to conduct successful relationships with anyone outside of my immediate family. 

The grass is never greener on the other side, though, remember that if you don't remember anything else I've said.  I ended my engagement, and only chance at a happy life to be free from a long distance relationship.  Then, so soon after, I met a guy in person who treats me like I am the most expendable creature in the world.  See, I know what I am worth, and I'm worth A LOT more than to settle for him.  In the beginning, he treated me good, or else I wouldn't have gotten past day one with him.  Anyways, my keyboard is ****** and I don't feel like going into details...  All I know is I really can't go on if he doesn't change his ways.

But, if I break things off with him, I will lose my only friend in the world, because she is his sister.  Yeahh...

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Get your wisdom teeth taken out so that stops happening and dont settle for a guy that doesnt love you just because his sister is your only friend. If shes your true friend she wont care.