4 Ever My Baby

my oldest daughter is 22. left a bad marriage, but i know have 2 wonderful grandkids. moved home 4 almost 2 yrs, recently got her own place. i do everything 4 my child. i cook 4 her, i go to her place n clean, i do her wash n even put it away 4 her. some people say am to involved, that i need to let her do these things 4 herself. i spoiled her all her life.she is not a brat r ungrateful. she apperiates the things i do. at times it does get tiring taking care of my house , my 2 younger kids, n know her place to. but all her life i have always done these things 4 her, i will always do them as long as i can. i do however raise my younger children to be more independent. not that i feel i made mistakes, i just have never been able to tell her no. it breaks my heart, so as long as i can make her happy, i do. she works , is a wonderful mom. n yes i do my grandkids laundry, too, n clean up after them. i posted a question about this on here, if it made me a bad mother, i got lots of responses, most said i need to let her do these things on her own. but i have done them 4 so long, know that if i dont believe me, she wont either. the dishes will  pile-up in the sink the laundry will become a mountain. n i dont really mind, she is my child, i spoiled her from the start n i will always do everything n then some 4 her.

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Mar 4, 2010